3dō: Our Respect Runs So Dry. Yet There’s Still This Appeal

by J.R.

3dō is an occasional feature in which the meaning of Conference III is explained through prose, verse, song, interpretative dance, film, chemical formulae or illustrative anecdote relayed by old people. CheerTheAnthem of Cheer the Anthem on Twitter:

@brightblack76 Joy Division would be a cool name if #ConferenceIII doesn’t work out.

Of course, we at III Communication aren’t advocating for a name change for the NHL’s greatest realignment triumph. Bettman is already saying the new divisions (whatever the hell a “division” is) will have boring geographical designations (NB: Even if the league foists “Mid-West” on us next season, we ain’t changing here). Joy Division, being from the Greater Manchester suburb of Salford, have some serious Conference III sensibilities and the lyrics to their masterpiece, “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” pretty well describe the simultaneous feelings of antipathy and admiration we have in Conference III. Ian Curtis sings of the pain and power of people begrudgingly but beautifully in love-hate with one another, their fates tied together whether they like or not (and they don’t). That’s Conference III (as is this abandoned warehouse):