Worldwide International Game Previews Of The World: 20 March 2013

by J.R.

WWIGPOTW is a look at the day’s Conference III games for III Communication readers from around the world. Today, we welcome our visitors from the Republic of Ireland.

Knuckle is basically a documentary telling the Conference III creation story

Knuckle is basically a documentary telling the Conference III creation story

Stars at Avalanche, 8:30 PM Central/7:30 Mountain (Réaltaí ag Sneachta Bhrostú Amach Ar Sliabh, 1:30 AM)

Records: Stars (13-12-3, 29 points, 5th in Pacific, 5th in Conference III); Avalanche (10-14-4, 24 points, 5th in Pacific, 7th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: Jamie Benn scored two spriocanna for Dallas in a 3-2 win February 4 in Denver. This is the final meeting of the year before these two depart their geographically idiotic rump divisions and get at each other’s throats in Conference III.

Last 10: Dallas 4-4-2; Colorado 3-6-1

Did You Know? Lee Marvin — yes, that Lee Marvin — hit No. 1 in Ireland in 1970 with “Wand’rin’ Star.” The song was played at Joe Strummer’s funeral. A Lee Marvin song being played at Joe Strummer’s funeral is serious Threeness.

Keep A Súl On: Benn has four cabhraíonn in his last four games.

What They’re Saying: Between three and eight centimetres of snow is expected to fall in counties Dublin, Carlow, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Louth, Wexford, Wicklow, Meath, Donegal, Mayo, Cork, Kerry, Tipperary and Waterford. Snow will lie at lower levels as well as on high ground and amounts will be highest in the coastal counties of Leinster.  Met Eireann has also warned that it will be very windy, making for blizzard conditions in places during snow showers.  Gardaí are urging drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to be extra careful on the roads. — Met Eireann warns of more snow todayfrom Irish Examiner

Wild at Red Wings, 6:30 PM Central (Fiáin ag Sciatháin Dearg, 11:30 PM)

Records: Wild (16-10-2, 34 points, 1st in Northwest, 2nd in Conference III); Red Wings (14-10-5, 33 points, 3rd in Central)

Last Time They Met: The Wild scored three times in four minutes in the second tréimhse to take a 3-2 home win on St. Fintan of Clonenagh’s Day in the midst of Detroit’s inexplicable five-game losing skid.

Last 10: Minnesota 7-3-0; Colorado 5-3-2

Did You Know? The redwing, a type of thrush, doesn’t breed in Ireland, but it is a frequent winter visitor. Wild Irish Rose is a god-awful wine consumed mostly by college kids in the Floricanada area and fans of Rust Division teams.

Keep A Súl On: Pavel Datsyuk is really quite talented, you may have heard. Devin Setoguchi’s parents may have fallen asleep on a keyboard while filling out his birth certificate information, but he has six points in four games

What They’re Saying: Before that, and the western irruption of people, our corner of Connacht was, indeed, pretty wild, though the old maps came up with a scatter of early townland names. Shreds of old vegetation linger in difficult folds of the land: oaks crouched under cliffs; hazels dwarfed along the boreen to the sea. Pine roots carved from the bog, raw and red as butcher’s bones, speak of ancient, native forest but also of climate change as the postglacial ocean rose and the smothering mosses swelled up with rain. Somewhere between, the landscape found room for eagles and last wolves, along with a sprinkle of people. — Should Ireland be returned to the wild?from The Irish Times

Blackhawks at Ducks, 9 PM Central (Seabhac Dubh ag Lachain, 2 AM)

Records: Blackhawks (24-2-3, 51 points, 1st in Central, 1st in Conference III); Ducks (21-3-4, 46 points, 1st in Pacific)

Last Time They Met: The NHL’s two best teams met at the United Center February 12. The Ducks won 3-2 in a game decided by a iomaíocht lámhaigh pionós.

Last 10: Chicago 8-2-0; Anaheim 7-0-3

Did You Know? The scaup — a duck the Americans call a “bluebill” — is hunted for sport in Ireland. It’s considered very challenging, as they fly (together, one presumes) at 75 miles per hour. The Irish Air Corps — an tAerchór — opted against purchasing Blackhawk helicopters back in 2004

Keep A Súl On: Chicago’s Patrick Kane has 10 points (Deich!) in his last four games. Ducks goalie of the moment Jonas Hiller is 7-0-2 in his last nine starts

What They’re Saying: At the foot of the Ailwee Caves you can witness the largest display of falcons, harris hawks, owls, American kestrels and white-tailed sea eagles in the country. This takes place at 12 noon and 3pm daily. You can handle these rare creatures and get your photograph taken, while learning about falconry as an ancient sport. During the breeding season, you can even see the young birds being hand-reared. — Falcons, Camels and African drums — your favourite things to do in Ireland from Newstalk