Worldwide International Game Previews Of The World: 21 March 2013

by J.R.

WWIGPOTW is a look at the day’s Conference III games for III Communication readers from around the world. Today, we welcome our visitors from Japan.


Capitals at Jets, 7 PM Central (Jixetto de Shuto, 9 AM)

Records: Capitals (12-16-1, 25 points, 4th in Southeast); Jets (16-12-2, 34 points, 1st in Southeast, 4th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: Washington shut-out the Frigid-Airs 3-0 in Manitoba March 2 in what Arctic Ice Hockey described as an “Atlanta effort” by the hoomu chiimu, because moving to Manitoba was supposed to improve the talent of a team you know what I’m not even going to talk about this. Jets lost 3-0 March 2.

Last 10: Washington 5-5-0; Winnipeg 6-3-1

Did You Know? There is actually a convoluted dispute about whether Tokyo is the de jure capital of Japan. No laws have specifically designated the city as the capital and while Japanese law implicitly treats Tokyo as the capital, no imperial edict was issued moving the capital from Kyoto to Tokyo. Twelve Japanese Air Self-Defense Force Mitsubishi F-2s were damaged in the tsunami and will not be replaced.

Keep A Me On: Feast on future object of your hokkee no yokuboo Blake Wheeler, who has scored at least twice three times in his last five games.

What They’re Saying: Tokyo announced earlier this month it would allow Japanese manufacturers to provide components for the advanced stealth jet to spur industrial growth — a decision that led the government, despite criticism, to exempt the F-35 project from its long-standing ban on arms exports. The fighter jet is being jointly developed by nine countries — eight NATO members and Australia. Japan plans to purchase 42 of the next-generation fighters to make the F-35 the mainstay jet of the Air Self-Defense Force — Ka-ching!: Abe to bargain with NATO for Japanese role in F-35, from The Japan Times

Flames at Predators, 7 PM Central (Honoo de Hoshokusha, 9 AM)

Records: Flames (11-12-4, 26 points, 4th in Northwest); Predators (11-13-6, 28 points, 5th in Central, 6th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: Per the tradition of their ancestors, Nashville and Calgary usually play a very respectable 1-0 game decided politely by a shootout. The 6-3 suriraa in Calgary last Friday was an insult to the memory of that tradition, as Curtis Glencross had a hat trick in the Flames win.

Last 10: Calgary 4-5-1; Nashville 2-7-1

Did You Know? The eternal flame in the temple of Daishō-in on the holy Mt. Misen is said to have been burning since AD 806. The Ussuri brown bear is a cousin of the grizzly living on the Japanese island of Hokkaido where it is worshiped by Ainu people, who drink its blood, which is some old-school Conference III work by them.

Keep A Me On: The eikou ago of Mike Fisher has three goals and an assist in the last four games somehow.

What They’re Saying: The shape of an animal’s teeth is a fair indicator of diet, and in the case of the shrews they indicate they are predators. Shrews, like moles, are in the taxonomic order Insectivora and, as that name implies, their diet consists largely of invertebrates — a wide range of insects such as beetles, grasshoppers, butterflies and moths, but also spiders, snails, slugs and earthworms. They are not averse, either, to eating small birds, rodents, reptiles and even other shrews, and some species also consume seeds, roots and nuts. — Ski sortie takes a shrewd turn for the cuter from The Japan Times

Stars at Kings, 9:30 PM Central (Hoshi de Ou, 11:30 AM)

Records: Stars (13-13-3, 29 points, 5th in Pacific, 5th in Conference III); Kings (17-10-2, 36 points, 2nd in Pacific)

Last Time They Met: Keirō forward Jaromir Jagr had a pair in a 5-2 Dallas win in LA March 7.

Last 10: Dallas 4-5-1; LA 7-3-0

Did You Know? The Ventures, notable for Walk Don’t Run and Hawaii Five-O, were the first band described as “Big in Japan.” In puroresu, “King’s Road” is the style of wrestling which mimics American pro wrestling, influenced by practitioners such as Dory and Terry Funk and Harley Race.

Keep A Me On: Trevor Daley has two goals in his last three for the Stars.

What They’re Saying  The town of Hoshizaki has seen meteorites fall three times in the surrounding area, and given its location near the coast of Aichi Prefecture, it is known as “the cape of stars.” The town is under the spotlight after the Feb. 15 meteorite explosion in Russia’s Ural Mountains. The “Owari meisho zue,” a historical document that describes famous places in Owari Province, present day Aichi Prefecture, in the Edo Period, gives an account of the Minamino meteorite. According to the document, Rokube Murase was drying salt on his farm on the night of Aug. 14, 1632, when he noticed the moonlight suddenly turning dark. In a matter of seconds, the farm was flooded with bright light and the ground shook as a thundering sound filled the skies and a ball of fire fell into the salt farm. — Russia meteor explosion shines light on Aichi’s ‘cape of stars’ from The Japan Times