While You Were Sleeping: Uncle Bob Opines On Suspensions And Gives Rick Nash A Nickname

by J.R.

Just before 1 AM in God’s time zone, III Communication sensei Bob McKenzie fired up his Twitter machine, hit us with his usual philosophical prologue and proceeded to deliver what will become the accepted orthodoxy on the latest suspensions from the Department of Player Safety.

It’s always been bothersome that Rick Nash never had a nickname. He’s certainly been good enough for long enough to have one. Maybe playing in Columbus removes the ability to be given a sobriquet. In fact, all the nicknames on the Beejers came from time spent elsewhere. Don’t worry, Uncle Bob hooks us up: El Kabong.


Then Uncle Bob tells us people wanna know ’bout Alex Edler and Uncle Bob says, hey, it ain’t the same because Shanny got told he effed up Lucic. A bunch of GMs serving notice on Shanny? Oh to be a fly. Also, Uncle Bob wants all you young hockey players out there to know goalies aren’t fair game.

Also, Joffrey, you got questions? Uncle Bob’s got answers.

In summary: Lupul and Edler right, Nash wrong (but now: El Kabong). Tell your friends.