IIIiteracy: 24 March 2013

by J.R.

A recap of tonight’s Conference III action with help from the geniuses at SportsYapper:

Winnipeg 3, Tampa Bay 2: Enthusiasm, Jets fans! You avenged those back-to-backs by squeaking one out against a team who nigh on 12 hours ago had a different coach. Blake Wheeler got two assists because Blake Wheeler was tired of scoring goals.

Vancouver 3, Colorado 2: A real house of horrors was the Avs yapp tonight, which is the kind of thing that happens when a team is so far sunk in the morass — but here the captain is great and here the coach is not.

Calgary 3, St. Louis 2: The Blues yappers were downright libelous tonight about one of their players and his post-game habits. Secondin the Central, secondish in Conference III on the ice and a strong second in Conference III on the yapper. Apparently, this game was the typical boring affair involving Calgary, but there’s always MSNBC. This guy has the right idea and this one probably needs to read about the importance of shot quality.