Worldwide International Game Previews Of The World: 28 March 2013

by J.R.

WWIGPOTW is a look at the day’s Conference III games for III Communication readers from around the world. Today, we welcome our visitors from Brazil.


Jets at Penguins, 6 PM Central (Jatos contra Pinguins, 8 PM)

Records: Jets (18-14-2, 38 points, 1st in Southeast, 3rd in Conference III); Penguins (26-8-0, 52 points, 1st in Atlantic)

Last Time They Met: Craig Adams — yes, the Craig Adams — scored duas vezes in a 3-1 Pens win in Manitoba February 15.

Last 10: Winnipeg 6-3-1; Pittsburgh 10-0-0

Did You Know? Jets to Brazil was formed by former Jawbreaker frontman Blake Schwarzenbach. J2B was fine, I guess, but Schwarzenbach’s best work remains “Kiss The Bottle.” The Magellanic penguin has been known to migrate from its breeding grounds in southern South America north into Brazil, reaching even Rio.

Keep An Olho On: A certain recently-traded player should debut for the Pens. Yes, that’s right: Douglas Murray. It’s unclear if Jarome Iginla will get all the whatsits worked out in time for face-off.

What They’re Saying: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has again delayed choosing a provider for 36 new Air Force jets, meaning the country likely won’t have any next-generation fighters available for security when it hosts the World Cup soccer tournament next year. The Air Force sent embassies representing the three companies that are finalists for the $4 billion-plus deal a letter this week requesting they renew their applications, which formally expire on March 30.— “Exclusive: Brazil likely won’t have new jets for World Cup” from Reuters.

Kings at Blues, 7 PM Central (Reis contra Azuls, 9 PM)

Records: Kings (18-12-2, 38 points, 2nd in Pacific); Blues (17-13-2, 36 points, 3rd in Central, 4th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: It was a pontuação de tênis March 5, as the Kings rallied to beat the Blues 6-4 in LA.

Last 10: Los Angeles 6-4-0; St. Louis 6-4-0

Did You Know? Between 1815 and 1822, Brazil — once a colony of Portugal — was elevated to the status of a kingdom, forming the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves. There were two monarchs, Queen Maria I and King João VI. The latter’s son — Pedro — was left in charge when his father returned to Portugal proper from which the royal family had fled. Pedro declared Brazil’s independence and, rather boldly, declared it an empire (and himself emperor because duh). Here’s a Brazilian blues album.

Keep An Olho On: Anze Kopitar has dez en dez for LA. The Blues had an hour-long reunião a portas fechadas after getting shut out by the Oilers Tuesday.

What They’re Saying: “Opening with the Caribbean beat, soul-filled ‘Imagination,’ the versatile singer uses light, floating quality in the ballad ‘Outer Space,’ a country beat to the arrangement of ‘I’ve been Working on My Homework’ (piggy-backing on a traditional tune), a soft shoe in ‘Crackers and Crumbs,’ a samba beat in the pet tribute ‘My dog Joni’ and blues in ‘Summer Blues.’— “Brazilian rhythms from Arlington musician draws award” from

Coyotes at Predators, 7 PM Central (Coiotes contra Predadores, 9 PM)

Records: Coyotes (13-15-5, 31 points, 5th in Pacific); Predators (14-13-6, 34 points, 4th in Central, 5th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: The Predators got third period goals from Gabby Bourque, Nick Spaling and Mike Fisher on Dia dos Namorados and it was enough as Pekka Rinne was perfeito.

Last 10: Phoenix 2-6-2; Nashville 5-4-1

Did You Know? Peter Coyote — who, among other things, does the voiceover work on NHL 36 — once starred in a Brazilian movie called A Grande Arte. The jaguar is a national symbol of Brazil and appears on their banknotes.

Keep An Olho On: Mike Fisher has scored in seven straight, two short of his career best. Martin Erat has múltiplos pontos in his last three games.

What They’re Saying: The inside of a skull of a giant pterosaur has been seen for the very first time on a computed tomography (CT) scan, the Natural History Museum in London announced today. The flying animal, which lived at the same time as the dinosaurs, was an enormous fish predator with a wingspan of up to 15 feet. Originally collected in Brazil, the 100 million year old specimen is the only representative of the giant Anhanguera genus of pterosaurs currently on public display in the United Kingdom.— “Giant Pterosaur Skull Secrets Revealed By CT Scan” from The Inquisitr.

Avalanche at Canucks, 9 PM Central (Evento Neve Assustado contra Canadenses, 11 PM)

Records: Avalanche (11-17-4, 26 points, 5th in Northwest, 7th in Conference III); Canucks (18-9-6, 42 points, 1st in Northwest)

Last Time They Met: The Canucks won 3-2 on domingo.

Last 10: Colorado 3-7-0; Vancouver 7-3-0

Did You Know? In Brazil, the “avalanche” celebration looks like this (about a minute in). Formal diplomatic relations between Canada and Brazil did not begin until the 1940s and the countries engaged in a pretty serious trade dispute related to government-subsidized aircraft manufacturing.

Keep An Olho On: Corey Schneider has only allowed five gols in his last five starts.

What They’re Saying: The Federal Government may select the Embraer aircraft manufacturing company for the planned acquisition of 30 aircraft for Nigerian airlines, findings have revealed. The selection is an alternative to provision of intervention fund, to enhance the Nigerian airlines’ capacity and consolidation in their operations. THISDAY learnt that the factors that may have favoured the selection of Embraer over Bombardier and Boeing are that their aircraft is cheaper, fuel efficient and the company is willing to facilitate their maintenance and training of technical personnel for the airlines. An inside source and technical expert in the industry told THISDAY on Wednesday that coming from Brazil, a third world country, Embraer is more attuned to doing business in Africa.— “Aircraft Acquisition for Airlines: FG May Select Embraer” from THISDAY Live.