Trade Central Time Zone: Good Riddance

by J.R.

First Jarome Iginla turned down the opportunity to play for Chicago. Brenden Morrow went to Pittsburgh. Derek Roy is on his way to Vancouver and Jaromir Jagr is going to Boston. It’s going to be a riveting 24 hours watching other so-called “stars” and “skilled players” run as far away as they can from Conference III, the NHL’s iron maiden and Iron Maiden and “Iron Maiden.”

We don’t need them. We have a real stars.

This is the face of Conference III.


A haiku from Friend of the III Jim Diamond:

Called on in shootout.
He gets the surprise winner.
It’s Z before I.

Jim, by the way, wrote a book with long-time Predators’ assistant coach (and current hockey ops advisor) Brent Peterson about his NHL career and his battle with Parkinson’s and his cool bionics.

Conference III Punch of Gratefulness to Scott Kennedy for the photo.