IIIiteracy: 6 April 2013

by J.R.

A recap of tonight’s Conference III action with help from the geniuses at SportsYapper:

Chicago 1, Nashville 0: It was, generously, a half-and-half crowd at Bridgestone for Brunchrence III. Seriously, there was a lot of red. A lot. The quartet next to us were great though. Even if they paid $185 for tickets that are $22 face. Super nice guys, though. Drove down in an RV until it broke down a mile from the Kentucky-Tennessee border. Anyway. Ray Emery and Pekka Rinne both played fantastically and the Preds had a chance at the end to tie it up, except Brandon Yip was, apparently, one of the best options with time winding down. Play of the game was Patric Hornqvist, who is Swedish Fast (slow), chasing down a puck headed for an empty net to give the Preds a last chance. Seriously, how good has Ray Emery been?

Winnipeg 4, Philadelphia 1: Weirdly, everyone on the Winnipeg yapper appeared to be from somewhere else. The guy who said “y’all” threw me, because I thought maybe two years in the Southeast had Manitobans talking like Mississippians. Anyhow, the Jets scored a couple quickly and that pretty much did it because, Boy Howdy, is Philly bad.

Phoenix 4, Colorado 0: There was, apparently, reason for optimism after the Avs performance on Friday. But then the Avs gave up a goal nice and early and, as usual, the Avs yappers’ thoughts turned to who will replace Sacco. Key question: Are the Avs not Ode enough to win? And did you know the Avs share a butt?