Worldwide International Game Previews of the World: 9 April 2013

by J.R.

WWIGPOTW is a look at the day’s Conference III games for III Communication readers from around the world. Today we welcome our visitors from Iceland.


Blackhawks at Wild, 7 PM (Svartur Valrinn á Villtur, Midnight)

Records: Blackhawks (29-5-4, 62 points, 1st in Central, 1st in Conference III); Wild (22-14-2, 46 points, 2nd in Northwest, 2nd in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: The Blackhawks got points in their 23rd röð game with a 5-3 win March 5.

Last 10: Chicago 6-3-1; Minnesota 6-4-0

Did You Know? The only hawks — black or otherwise — that make it to Iceland are there because they got lost. In the lingo of birders, they are “vagrants.” Apparently, Icelanders are truly wild.

Keep An Auga On: Brandon Saad has seven stig in his last five games, but like three of those were against Nashville, so? Pominville’s íbúa has grown to four points in three games (including one in Buffalo). And, of course, our Threero: Michal Rozsival.

What They’re Saying: Fans of British prog-rock group Jethro Tull will again have a chance to see the flute playing maestro when his band performs in Iceland in June. Tickets go on sale on April 10th. In honour of the fortieth anniversary of the release of their seminal album Aqualung, the band have been touring and appearing worldwide in selected appearances. Three dates have been scheduled in Iceland; appearing in Akureyri on June 7th, followed by a concert in the Westman Islands  on June 8th and finally at Harpa in Reykjavík on June 9th. The concert will feature a ‘best of selection’ from their 45 year career with well known hits such as Aqualung, Thick as a brick and Locomotive breath, among others. — “Jethro Tull announce dates in Iceland” from IceNews.

Blues at Predators, 7 PM (Blús á Rándýr, Midnight)

Records: Blues (21-14-2, 44 points, 2nd in Central, 3rd in Conference III); Predators (15-17-8, 38 points, 5th in Central, 6th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: Nashville vandræðalegur the Blues 6-1 (not a typo) on February 5 (also not a typo).

Last 10: St. Louis 6-4-0; Nashville 4-4-2

Did You Know? The blue field of Iceland’s flag represent the mountains (and not the ocean for some reason?). Polar bears live in Iceland. They are big and scary predators.

Keep An Auga On: Since his muna, Brian Elliot has stopped 80 of 84 shots. David Legwand, free of his Tékk akkeri, has four of each in his last seven. Also, tonight Daniel Bang makes his Predators debut. He is the rare two-way pun player, because while visually, his name is “bang,” it is pronounced “bong.” The Twitter accounts of J.R. and friend of the III Jim Diamond will be the Malkin and Crosby of puns tonight.

What They’re Saying: The tenth annual Reykjavík Blues Festival kicks off in Iceland’s capital today and runs through March 28. The headliners this year are Lucky Peterson, his wife Tamara Peterson and guitar legend Guitar Shorty. “Lucky Peterson is a contemporary blues master and Guitar Shorty is a living legend deeply rooted in traditional, old school blues,” as stated on Among Icelandic performers are Andrea Gylfadóttir, Blue Ice band, Björn Thoroddsen, Ragnheiður Gröndal and Langi Seli og skuggarnir. — “Reykjavík Prepares to Sing the Blues” from Iceland Review.

Sabres at Jets, 7 PM (Sverð á Þotur, Midnight)

Records: Sabres (16-17-6, 38 points, 5th in Northeast); Jets (19-19-2, 40 points, 2nd in Southeast, 4th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: Andrew Ladd had the sigurvegari in a 2-1 win in Buffalo.

Last 10: Buffalo 6-2-2; Winnipeg 3-7-0

Did You Know? The sword of Hrómundr Gripsson in the Icelandic saga Hrómundar saga Gripssonar is called Mistilteinn, or “mistletoe.” Until it was transferred to Iceland, Keflavik was a U.S. Naval Air Station, hosting F-15s.

Keep An Auga On: Ladd hasn’t scored a Markmið in 13 games.

What They’re Saying: Hornet jets seen in the skies over Keflavik this March and April are the result of Operation Ignition. The six aircraft belonging to the Royal Canadian Air Force will patrol Iceland’s airspace as part of a NATO exercise this spring. NATO’s Airborne Surveillance and Interception capabilities are being put to test for the benefit of to Iceland’s Peacetime Preparedness mission. This deployment has been conducted annually since May 2008 for mutual benefit of both countries. “As a leading member of NATO and a close partner with Iceland, Canada is committed to doing its part to help protect the integrity of NATO’s airspace,” said Canada’s Defence Minister Peter MacKay. — “Canada Patrols Icelandic Airspace” from IceNews.

Kings at Stars, 7:30 PM (Konungar á Stjörnur, 12:30 AM)

Records: Kings (22-13-4, 48 points, 2nd in Pacific); Stars (18-17-3, 39 points, 5th in Pacific, 5th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: The Kings got two in the þriðja to win 3-2 in Dallas March 31.

Last 10: Los Angeles 5-3-2; Dallas 5-5-0

Did You Know? Iceland was under the crown of Denmark from 1380 until 1918, when it became a sovereign state in personal union with Denmark. Its king was Christian, also the King of Denmark. Iceland became a republic after the Second World War. If I had to guess, I’d say Björk is Iceland’s biggest star.

Keep An Auga On: Eric Nystrom? Ray Whitney? Who is still on this team?

What They’re Saying: Displays of the Northern Lights occur when solar particles enter the Earth’s atmosphere and on impact emit burning gases that produce different coloured lights (oxygen produces green and yellow; nitrogen blue). The scientific term for the lights is the Aurora borealis (named after the Roman goddess of the dawn). A similar spectacle in the southern hemisphere is known as the Aurora australis. — “Northern Lights over Iceland captured in stunning timelapse video” from The Telegraph.