Trialogue: Someone Interviewed Us!

by J.R.

Head over to Cheer The Anthem and read the interview we did with Mighty Mike D. He calls us “shadowy geniuses,” which might be overselling it a bit (we are more like “opaque savants”), but we were able to articulate what we’re aiming for here (Answer: Cute is what we aim for). Anything that doesn’t make sense is our fault, because we answered his questions during the 1-0 Brunchrence III game against Chicago and we were pretty well oiled.

Anyway, enjoy!

And if you’d like to contribute to the Oral History of the Worst Game In Conference III History (So Far), please send your thoughts, feelings and memories about the 1-0 St. Louis-Nashville game to conferencethree[at]gmail[dot]com. Interview requests can also be directed to that address.