Worldwide International Game Previews of the World: 10 April 2013

by J.R.

WWIGPOTW is a look at the day’s Conference III games for III Communication readers from around the world. Today, with just one game on the schedule we welcome our visitors from one of the world’s smallest countries: Andorra.

The President of France and the Bishop of Urgell are Andorra's Co-Princes. it's a long story.

The President of France and the Bishop of Urgell are Andorra’s Co-Princes. it’s a long story.

Avalanche at Ducks, 9 PM/8 PM Mountain (Allau contra Ànecs, 4 AM)

Records: Avalanche (12-22-5, 29 points, 5th in Northwest, 7th in Conference III); Ducks (27-8-5, 59 points, 1st in Pacific)

Last Time They Met: Corey Perry scored in hores extraordinàries to give the Ducks a 4-3 win February 24 in Comte d’Taronja.

Last 10: Colorado 1-8-1; Anaheim 5-4-1

Did You Know? Because of its almost exclusively mountainous terrain, Andorra is proactive in avalanche control methods. And if you are the President of France, you can’t duck your responsibility as Prince of Andorra. Indeed, France’s president is the only monarch on earth elected by common citizens, though not the citizens of the country of which he is monarch. He shares his duties with the Spanish Bishop of Urgell. Originally, Andorra was controlled by the Count of Urgell, but he sold it to the Bishop. A later count wanted to reclaim Andorra, so the Bishop hollered at his boy the Lord of Caboet for help and the two signed an agreement. THEN, the Lord of Caboet’s daughter married the French Count of Foix and they ruled Andorra together (with the Bishop) and THEN their kid, as Count of Foix took over that half of Andorra’s co-throne. Eventually, the title passed from the Count of Foix to the King of Navarre and THEN Navarre’s Henry III became Henry IV of France. Still with me? As we all know from Les Miserables, there was a nasty revolution in France and then there was Napoleon and now they don’t have a king or an emperor, they have a President as head of state and now that dude is Prince of Andorra with the Bishop from 15 sentences ago. Can’t duck it. There’s the joke.  Also, they speak a form of Catalan and that’s where all the fancy words are coming from today.

Keep An Ull On: If any members of the Avalanche leave during intermission to start their Las Vegas vacances.

What They’re Saying: “Andorra is one of only two countries that have reached 50 per cent of women in parliament,” Mr. Ban said in his address to the Parliament. “The equal participation of women and men in political decision-making is fundamental for genuine democracy and gender empowerment.
“I thank you for your leadership and encourage Andorra to continue to promote women’s political participation not just in your country but, through your example, around the world.”
Mr. Ban said his message was one of gratitude, inspiration and support for the lawmakers of the country, who have surpassed the goal established at the 1995 Beijing conference on women, which recommended that every parliament in the world have at least 30 per cent women.
“The world will never reach 100 per cent of its potential if we exclude 50 per cent of its people,” he said.
— “During visit, Ban lauds Andorra’s success in empowering women” from United Nation News Centre.

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