It Was Texas, It Was Tennessee, It Was What I Had Coming To Me

by J.R.


hayden-300x236Tonight, Nashville and Dallas play for the final time in this, the last pre-Conference III season. Not that these things are terribly easy to predict, but the seeds of a Nashville and Dallas rivalry appear to have been planted.

url-1And it makes sense. Lucero wrote a song about it (maybe). The history of Texas is inexorably tied to Tennessee. Neither team has had a decent, geographically-sound rival. They both tend to be in the meaty part of the Western Conference bell curve — jammed into that dreadful 6th through 10th morass. They have eponymous prime-time soap operas (Friend of the III Dirk Hoag once called this game “Barnes Fight” because of Cliff and Juliette). And Nashville once had a minor league team called the South Stars (I even have a jersey!).

And the game is important to the history of III Communication.

So last night, I declared that the rivalry needed a name.

Perhaps predictably, many respondents went in a musical direction.

Dan Bradley suggested the Jimmie Rodgers Cup:

PPP‘s Chemmy went with a Three Six Mafia reference — which we loved (vid’s NSFW):

Then there were the usual: Hockey Tonk, a trophy involving a big gold hat or horseshoe, lots of barbecue-related ideas. Patten at PuckScene liked “The Battle for Crockett’s Cap” and now I can link to this.

There were lots of wonderful suggestions, but one outshone the rest.

Jesse Spector of, The Best For Hockey, opened up the dusty, ancient, 15-year-old history books and thus declared:

chambersShawn Chambers — who indeed scored the lone goal in that combined 35-shot Dec. 28, 1998 masterpiece — is, maybe, best remembered as the worst player in the history of hockey video games, coming in with a 1 Overall rating in NHLPA ’93. Or perhaps for getting walked in a most embarrassing fashion by Mario Lemieux in the Stanley Cup Finals. Could have been worse; it could have been Dan Boyle.

chambersvideoAnd despite having no obvious skill — or at least the kind of skill recognized by the guys who programmed the game sponsored by Chambers’ union — he played in the NHL from 1987 to 2000, his career bookended by stints with the same franchise, but in both Minnesota and Dallas. He was Conference III before it was cool!

We’ll have many rivalries to name in the next several months — the nasty Avs-Jets combination should really inspire cleverness — but we are happy to declare the Dallas Stars-Nashville Predators rivalry as The Chambers Pot: