En Archē Ēn Ho Lógos: The Art of Realignment

by J.R.

Today’s reader submission comes from our good buddy, Mighty Mike D from Cheer The Anthem. The art is his and his words are in italics; any embedded links were added by us. As always, if you have something to send our way, shoot it to conferencethree[at]gmail[dot]com

First, a reminder of what we’re talking about:


OK. Mike?

It occurred to me that the New Conferences are going to need New Logos. Therefore I tapped my Muse (she still owes me £50 from the Boat Race) and came up with some poorly-drawn images that, nonetheless represent the unique characters of the Four Conferences.


Rust: Darkness. Decay. An ominous orange glow from all the tire fires. Oh no, they’ve repossessed my car because I spent the last three payments on crack.


Floricanada: Dualism, Dichotomy. Disparity. Detroit (not pictured)


Pacific: Boring. I think I’m going to forget this Conference exists for large stretches.


Conference III: An eagle to symbolise grace and power and terrifying talons that can gut a small animal! A mountain to represent nature and wilderness and…that top looks like it could fall off any minute. Run! An angel playing some mean clarinet, to remind us of the glorious music that comes from Conference III! Stars because they are so very, very ancient! No aircraft because I forgot about Winnipeg! (and yes, that is the Doom font. Because of course it is)