Worldwide International Game Previews of the World: 14 April 2013

by J.R.

WWIGPOTW is a look at the day’s Conference III games for III Communication readers from around the world. Today, with another Brunchrence III game on offer, we welcome our visitors from Slovakia.


Blackhawks at Blues, 11:30 AM (Čierny Jastraby na Bluesu, 6:30 PM)

Records: Blackhawks (31-5-4, 66 points, 1st in Central, 1st in Conference III); Blues (23-15-2, 48 points, 2nd in Central, 2nd in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: It took six rounds, but Kevin Shattenkirk got the winner in the prestrelka to give the Blues a 4-3 win in Chicago on April 4.

Last 10: Chicago 7-2-1; St. Louis 6-4-0

Did You Know? Stan Mikita was born in Slovakia. I sure as heck didn’t know that. There’s a hostel in Bratislave called Hostel Blues. Get on that. Jaternice is a blood sausage that, if you like blood sausage, is probably good for brunch.

Keep An Oko On: The brankári, obviously. Ray Emery is 15-1-0. Brian Elliot hasn’t allowed a goal since the Velvet Divorce.

What They’re Saying: A GREAT publicity gimmick which might bring new jobs, improve roads and put Slovakia on the world’s radar: these were just a few of the arguments Prime Minister Robert Fico used to justify his support for the idea of a joint Polish-Slovak bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. After meeting his Polish counterpart, Donald Tusk, in the Slovak town of Poprad on March 27, Fico suggested that he could imagine no better advertisement for Slovakia than to co-organise the Krakow/Poprad Winter Olympics. “Even if we don’t win, the promotion of Poland and Slovakia is worth it,” Tusk said, as quoted by the SITA newswire, adding that “nobody will lose out here”. — “Slovakia, Poland agree Olympic bid” from The Slovak Spectator.

Red Wings at Predators, 6:30 PM (Červený Krídla na Dravce, 1:30 AM)

Records: Red Wings (19-15-7, 45 points, 3rd in Central); Predators (15-19-8, 38 points, 5th in Central, 6th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: Jimmy Howard povolená nula gólov in a 4-0 Wings win in Detroit way back on February 23.

Last 10: Detroit 4-4-2; Nashville 2-6-2

Did You Know? Smer – sociálna demokracia is the socialist party of Slovakia. The European Union is working to pressure Slovakia to outlaw the hunting of wolves, an apex predator in the region.

Keep An Oko On: The Predators are hopeful Švédsky bažant Filip Forsberg can debut tonight.

What They’re Saying: FOR the rest of the world, one Batman is enough. In Slovakia, there is an entire legion working under the sign of THE BAT. And just like Bruce Wayne, the Bratislava Heating Company (BAT) needs to invest to ensure its cover and enhance its superpowers. That explains the thousands of euros paid out to numerous plastic surgeons and beauty parlours. And the €15 million for accounting and HR software used by 80 employees, although the company now denies the information published by the Sme daily and claims that the software cost only €12 million and is used by almost all of its 350 workers. Given the fact that most of the staff are manual workers and repairmen, you really have to be impressed by the high level of SAP literacy at the institution. Unfortunately, there are two major differences between the Gotham City industrialist and the Bratislava city heating firm. Firstly, the billionaire has tons of cash to spend. And secondly, all of it is his own. The BAT is just one of many examples of how state-run organisations are managed. — “BAT” from The Slovak Spectator.