IIIiteracy: 14 April 2013

by J.R.

A recap of tonight’s Conference III action with help from the geniuses at SportsYapper:

Chicago 5, Dallas 2: Chicago, Dallas is coming to Conference III next year, the least you could do is learn how to spell the name of the city. No, I’m not kidding. You could also learn to spell the name of your promising rookie.

Vancouver 5, Nashville 2: A surprisingly spirited contest between two teams that really don’t seem to care for one another, but it didn’t quite get all that out of hand.

Columbus 4, Colorado 3 (OT): Sort of a wacky one with lots of late scoring and a totally unnecessary late penalty by Shane O’Brien, because of course. Memories of days of yore and recent road trips passed the time in the Yapper. As did the best analysis of Greg Zanon perhaps ever.

Minnesota 4, Calgary 3: Does Zach Parise suck? No, it was just a joke.