Worldwide International Game Previews of the World: 16 April 2013

by J.R.

WWIGPOTW is a look at the day’s Conference III games for III Communication readers from around the world. Today we welcome our visitors from Lithuania.


Lightning at Jets, 7 PM (Žaibas prie Purkštukai, 3 AM)

Records: Lightning (17-22-3, 37 points, 3rd in Southeast); Jets (21-19-2, 44 points, 2nd in Southeast, 5th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: In the first game after Tampa Bay atmetė scary comic book villain treneris Guy Boucher, the Jets won 3-2 in Winnipeg.

Last 10: Tampa Bay 4-4-2; Winnipeg 5-5-0

Did You Know? The ancient Lithuanian thunder god was Perkūnas. One of his jobs was to fight the Devil — so the NHL should have totally put Tampa Bay and New Jersey in the same division so I could write a really tedious long-form about it. Alas. The only true jet flown by the Lithuanian Air Force is a trainer — the Aero L-39 Albatross.

Keep An Akis On: Andrew Ladd, the Jets vadas, has six points in four games.

What They’re Saying: According to the President, Serbia as a country aspiring to join the EU needs to meet all membership criteria and implement reforms in the following spheres: the rule of law, fight against corruption, improvement of business environment, freedom of the press, and protection of minorities. Today, the European Commission is expected to present a special report on Serbia’s progress and recommendations for the start of the EU accession negotiations. Among the other issues discussed at the meeting was Lithuanian-Serbian business relations. Last year, Lithuania’s imports from Serbia rose by 23.7 and exports to this country – by 64.2 percent respectively. Our country mainly exported turbojets, gas turbines and fertilisers.  — “The President met with Serbian Prime Minister” from The Lithuania Tribune.

Canucks at Blues, 7 PM (Kanadieciu prie Bliuzas, 3 AM)

Records: Canucks (24-12-6, 54 points, 1st in Northwest); Blues (23-16-2, 48 points, 2nd in Central, 3rd in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: The Blues got two third-period goals but could not complete the atsikirtimas in a 3-2 March 19 win in Vancouver.

Last 10: Vancouver 7-3-0; St. Louis 6-4-0

Did You Know? Canada has an embassy office in Lithuania’s capital of Vilnius, but the embassy itself is in Riga, the capital of Latvia. The Aula Blues Club is located in the basement of a restaurant in the ancient confines of the city’s university.

Keep An Akis On: Blues vartininkas Brian Elliott’s three-game shutout streak was snapped in the 2-0 loss to Chicago on Sunday, but he’s still won five of six since returning from the Amerikos Lyga.

What They’re Saying: Tourists strolling the streets of Lithuania’s capital Vilnius will immediately notice the word “linas”, the Lithuanian word for linseed or flax, posted in large letters above shop windows. The traditional plant has also inspired a very popular first name — Linas for men, Lina for women. But despite being celebrated in Lithuanian folklore, pale blue linseed flowers no longer carpet meadows from spring through to early summer. Now, fibres produced from the plants to make Lithuania’s popular linen cloth must be imported, mainly from France, Italy and Belarus. — “Lithuania’s blue blooms gone as flax farming ends” from PhysOrg

Wild at Oilers, 8:30 PM (Laukinis prie Naftos Pramoninkai, 4:30 AM)

Records: Wild (23-16-3, 49 points, 2nd in Northwest, 2nd in Conference III); Oilers (16-18-7, 39 points, 3rd in Northwest)

Last Time They Met: The pagrindinis veikėjas of the Mighty Ducks film franchise, Charlie Coyle, got the third-period žaidimo nugalėtojas in a 4-2 Wild win March 4 in St. Paul.

Last 10: Minnesota 3-6-1; Edmonton 5-5-0

Did You Know? Roughly 59 percent of all plant species in Lithuania can be found in the Aukštaitija National Park which covers less than 1 percent of Lithuania’s territory. Lithuania’s Mažeikiai refinery is the Baltic States’ only oil refinery.

Keep An Akis On: Ryan Suter’s 31 points is already more than the Wild’s top scoring gynėjas from last season — a full 82-game planas.

What They’re Saying:  Having been until now in the official jurisdiction of the Directorate of Vilnius Castles, it was run by the Vilnius Cathedral Basilica by custom. During this period, the Church has been extensively taking control over the programme of events to be held at the square. “Last month Vilnius City Municipality has finalised all legal requirements in order to gain the rights to the object. Hence, the Cathedral square and its surroundings are now in the legal jurisdiction of the City Municipality,” commented the mayor of the city, Artūras Zuokas. According to Zuokas, until now, the legal status of the Cathedral Square was “hanging in the air” – the legal rights belonged to the Directorate of Castles and, by custom, to the Cathedral, rather than the Municipality of Vilnius.— “Bishops lose their rights to the Cathedral Square” from The Lithuania Tribune