Worldwide International Game Previews of the World: 25 April 2013

by J.R.

WWIGPOTW is a look at the day’s Conference III games for III Communication readers from around the world. Today we welcome our visitors from Denmark.


Predators at Red Wings, 6:30 PM (Rovdyr på Red Vinger, 1:30 AM)

Records: Predators (16-21-9, 41 points, 5th in Central, 6th in Conference III); Red Wings (22-16-8, 52 points, 3rd in Central)

Last Time They Met: Jimmy Howard got a skudduel in Filip Forsberg’s North American debut, a 3-0 Red Wings win in Nashville April 14.

Last 10: Nashville 2-7-1; Detroit 4-3-3

Did You Know? The red flag of Denmark was said to be a gift from heaven. There aren’t a lot of predators in Denmark. The vole, maybe. Does the vole count?

Keep An Øje On: Bobby Butler on his four-point, three-game please-don’t-make-me-try-to-sign-somewhere-else stribe.

What They’re Saying: The first quarter of 2013 saw an increase of cyber-attacks in Denmark while a number of Danish websites have also involuntarily functioned as platforms for other virtual assaults, according to a new report.  — “Cyber-attacks on the rise” from The Copenhagen Post.

Canadiens at Jets, 7 PM (Canadierne på Jetfly, 2 AM)

Records: Canadiens (27-14-5, 59 points, 2nd in Northeast); Jets  (24-20-3, 51 points, 2nd in Southeast, 4th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: Michael Ryder got to mål in a 4-1 Habs win.

Last 10: Montreal 4-6-0; Winnipeg 6-3-1

Did You Know? Denmark’s Air Force flies a mix of Belgian built and surplus US Air Force F-16s.

Keep An Øje On: Blake Wheeler has a dusin points in eight games because he is the best.

What They’re Saying: On Good Friday, March 29, two bombers and four fighters from the Russian Air Force approached Swedish airspace, completely catching the Swedes by surprise. With the Swedes asleep at the wheel, two Danish F-16 jets under NATO command were sent up to face the approaching Russians. The Russian jets turned around just 30-40 kilometres, a couple of minute’s flight time, from Sweden’s border and the Danish F-16’s fell in to ‘shadow’ the Russians, or “fly the flag” as the defence minister, Nick Hækkerup (Socialdemokraterne), put it. — “Danish F-16s confronted Russian fighter jets approaching Sweden” from The Copenhagen Post.

Flames at Blues, 7 PM (Flammer på Blå, 2 AM)

Records: Flames (19-23-4, 42 points, 3rd in Northwest); Blues  (27-17-2, 56 points, 2nd in Central, 2nd in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: Jarome Iginla got the vinderen for the Flames. It was awhile ago.

Last 10: Calgary 6-4-0; St. Louis 7-3-0

Did You Know? Bent Faurschou-Hviid was a member of the Danish resistance during World War II nicknamed “The Flame.” Danish Blue is a kind of cheese.

Keep An Øje On: Brian Elliott has allowed one goal or fewer syv times in his last ni starts.

What They’re Saying: The sculpture of mythological Viking hero Holger Danske looks set to remain in familiar territory after Helsingør Council’s financial committee decided yesterday to reach out to the statue’s owner, Hotel Marienlyst, in an effort to keep the sculpture within council limits and thus end the drama of the last few weeks. Holger Danske enjoyed a surge in popularity after it was announced last week that the statue would be sold, prompting nationalists to decry the notion of it ending up in foreign hands. — “Holger Danske likely to continue slumbering peacefully” from The Copenhagen Post.

Blue Jackets at Stars, 7:30 PM (Blå Jakker på Stjerne, 2:30 AM)

Records: Blue Jackets (22-17-7, 51 points, 4th in Central); Stars  (22-20-4, 48 points, 4th in Pacific, 5th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: Loui Eriksson got the overarbejde winner way for the Stars way back on February 26.

Last 10: Blue Jackets 7-3-0; Dallas 6-3-1

Did You Know? The Royal Life Guards of Denmark wear a blue tunic. Close enough. Ole Rømer, a Danish astronomer, made the first measurement of the speed of light.

Keep An Øje On: This one is all about Bob(rovsky).

What They’re Saying: Copenhagen residents will take 34,000 fewer sick days a year once all 28 of the city’s bicycle superhighways are complete, according to calculations by the capital’s local health authority, Region Hovedstaden. The study based its findings on the facts that cyclists take fewer sick days than non-cyclists, that the city’s bicycle superhighways increase cycling along the route by ten percent, and that a sick day on average costs around 1,700 kroner from lost production. All told, Region Hovedstaden predicts that increased cycling could save the city 60 million kroner a year and around 2.7 billion kroner over the next 50 years after the 900 million kroner expense of building the network is deducted. — “Bicycle superhighways expected to save society millions” from The Copenhagen Post.