IIIiteracy: 4 May 2013

by J.R.

A recap of tonight’s Conference III playoff action with help from the geniuses at SportsYapper:

Los Angeles 1, St. Louis 0. Here’s why the Blues are up 2-0. A skeleton Yapp crew for the late Saturday start, presumably because most Blues fans are doing weekenders. Not big fans of Dustin Brown in Missouri. Sometimes history is written by the losers. There have been no fights thus far in the game, so presumably the “three fights” in question were at the prom </ st louis>. Seems an odd complaint for fans of team that’s spent 15 years in a division with Nashville.

A fair assessment of Hardees’ advertising strategy. Ummok.

Let’s see how many people get this wrong. One. And a half (sort of). Could be!

Great save by Quick and then moments later, Slava Voynov, the NHL player whose name sounds most like a Fictional Russian Hockey Player, breaks the ice.

The Royals game ended 90 minutes before this Yapp was yapped. And I think this is only possible in Minnesota; this is more likely why the Blues were behind. Inability to hit open nets frequently causes crises of faith. Good coaching tip here. Oh sweet Lord.

Someone — either Reaves or Backes — needs to punch some faces, OK. After Patrice “The Exception” Berglund was called for a high-stick, the refs made a bad puck-up-and-over call.

</ st louis>

OK, but what about his perk? And actually, David Perron’s had a pretty normal year.

Unreal. Didn’t…didn’t St. Louis actually win Game 1? Go figure.

LA’s fine, St. Louis, but it ain’t home.