IIIiteracy: 18 May 2013

by J.R.

I ate French toast today

I ate French toast today

A recap of today’s Conference III playoff action with help from the geniuses at SportsYapper:

Detroit 4, Chicago 1: Plenty of confidence from Chicago pregame with a 1-0 series lead and priorities straight. But how that confidence faded with “suspicious” “non-calls” early on. And all that confidence seemed justified when Patrick Kane scored first.

Even with the smallest of leads, the yappers saw an opportunity. Alas, that lead was erased by Brunner — a “hirrible” goal to give up.

ARE YOU A PANZY? Google the streak, bro.

A gorgeous goal by a pinching Smith gave the Wings a lead — of course, they did not deserve it. And when the Mule added the insurance goal, all those good feelings were gone.

I bet you’re not the only one, chief. All of sudden, is the regression on?

Do the Wings have the ‘Hawks on the run?