IIIiteracy: 20 May 2013

by J.R.

A recap of tonight’s Conference III playoff action with help from the geniuses at SportsYapper:

Detroit 3, Chicago 1: A little nervy for the President’s Trophy winners in (on?) the pregame. And all that controversy about Stalberg and, well

There was then a 12-minute yapp-free gap. It was a little like this at III Comm HQ:

We weren’t the only ones to notice (as Friend Of The III Kevin “Non-American Hero” Sellathamby points out, it took that dude nearly 2,000 yaps to realize it)

Thankfully the Yappers returned with this insightful commentary on Dan Cleary. Anyway, the ‘Hawks got a power play and did a lot of goalless damage.

This yapp is confusing. Is he agreeing with the notion that there’s no room for fighting in the playoffs or is he saying that notion is stupid? Whatever it is, this guy — who apparently has a relative at the FCC? — thinks there should be fighting.

Detroit also had a very lively but fruitless power play.

There was a nine-minute yap gap. We wondered…

And, uh, well, things picked up when Detroit popped in a pair in 31 seconds. And for the first time in weeks, the call for Ray Emery was made from the yappers.

You and your honey should learn to use Google.


Oh, old friend, how I’ve missed you.

Patty Kane cuts the lead in half about five minutes into the third. And had a chance at another but of course the referees robbed them.

Pavel Datsyuk is a very special player. 3-1 Wings. Such anger.

It’s the wild west. Wings so mean and they don’t care …