IIIiteracy: 27 May 2013

by J.R.

A recap of tonight’s Conference III playoff action with help from the geniuses at SportsYapper:

Chicago 4, Detroit 3: Game Six in Hockeytown … or is it? Hossa scores early on the power play and Detroit’s “on there heels.”

Yap Etiquette Rule 535: “There room.”

IMPORTANT: Dominic Santina has solved the mystery of how Chicago won so many regular season games. He also solved the mystery of Detroit’s success earlier this week.

Detroit ties it late in the first and here come the cephalopods.

Common thinks Chicago should be more physical. Or something.

*more than.

No team that has ever allowed a goal to JonasJoakim Andersson has won a Stanley Cup, which is impressive because he’s been playing since 1905.

There.” “Your welcome.” GET IT TOGETHER YAPPERS.

Lol this lady thinks there can be intelligent conversation between hockey fans on the internet.

Old Man Handzus scores an easy one to tie it early in the third and here we goBINGO! And Freek-A-Lik.

Down two, don’t you think Detroit should score more instead of hit more? Score more they did, Homestar Brunner with less than a minute to go.

Hey, Jimmy. Where we goin’?