Joe, Patrick and Colorado’s Wacky New Front-Office Sitcom

by J.R.

First up, check out the Conference III shoulder patch from Chris Cieslak.



We also asked Friend of the III and Colorado fan Anthrax Jones to weigh in on all the ins and outs and what-have-yous from the Avs this offseason. His commentary after the jump.

TV_14_DLImagine inviting two of your ex-girlfriends to help you raise your children.
One of them is a gorgeous, kind woman who was very good to you during your relationship. You are slightly dubious of her ability to help raise children, because she’s never had any of her own, but you’re willing to give her the benefit of the doubt because you trust her judgment and still love her.
That’s Joe Sakic.
The other one was a wild, slutty hooker you never took to meet mom and dad when you were together. She was tempestuous and brash, she embarrassed you in restaurants but you stayed with her because she was a mindblowing lay. She’s had children of her own in the years subsequent to your relationship, and although there were a few incidents that made the national news, you know she has the ability to be a great parent. You also know at any given time she could fall asleep with a lit cigarette and burn down the house and everything (and everyone) inside.
That’s Patrick Roy.
I’m scared to death.
I’m also excited.
Buckle up, Conference III, the goofy neighbors just introduced themselves.

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