IIIiteracy: 2 June 2013

by J.R.

A recap of tonight’s Conference III playoff action with help from the geniuses at SportsYapper:

BLzTDUACcAA15-NChicago 4, Los Angeles 2: You’d think Hawks fans would be reasoned and thinking positively after Game 1. Wrong again.

Andrew Shaw, Sort-Of Kind-Of Looking Like Quentin Tarantino, scores first, less than two minutes in. Could the back-to-backs be a factor?

Truly the technology of television is something which we should be in awe of in 2013 — unless we hate the announcer because of east coast bias?

Crazy bounce from the United Center boards and here is your obvious explanation.

Sea-B: He builds, he fights. He scores. Can do!

Bingo goes knee-to-knee on Doughty at the end of the first, but “cone on hockey don’t resort to the flop.”

Goals from Bingo and Michal Hanzus salt this one away mid-way through two and here comes Jonathan Bernier to shut out the Nashville Predators for the 15th consecutive game stop the bleeding.

“This is the Jordan bulls on skates.”

Jeff Carter cuts it to three late in the second and suddenly people have very real concerns. I have real concerns about a Kings fan who misses Jack Johnson.

Ah third period silliness.

A late one from Toffoli makes this one look closer than it was.

Kiss em, Quick.