Total Rip-Off: The New Stars Jerseys

by J.R.

Earlier, the Dallas Stars had a big rollout of their new jersey and logo. Perhaps you read this 2,600 word story about it on the Stars official web site — a story that ends with this hilarious quote:

“I don’t think it was a grand plan,” said Gaglardi. “Three or four months ago I didn’t think we’d have a new general manager and a new head coach. I knew we’d have a new look, but I didn’t know those things. As I said, not part of the grand plan, but that is the way it has happened and I think it is exciting.”

Well…you don’t actually have a new head coach. Anyway.

Take a look at the jerseys…don’t they remind you of something?


Earlier in that magnum opus, there’s a quote from Stars veep Jason Walsh that tipped me off as to why I was having deja vu:

“We looked at every team in Dallas, in Texas, anything that surrounded us, bordered us or felt that was relevant to us,” said Walsh. “We looked at the different logos around the league and decided what we liked and didn’t like about all of them. Then we created this 36-page brief to the NHL and they were floored by how detailed it was, and we kind of laid out a direct path to Reebok of where we wanted to go.”

One of the dozen or so colleges from which I have earned credit (but, as yet, no degree) is Middle Tennessee State University, late of the Sun Belt Conference along with a certain team from Denton, Texas:


Thanks, Mean Joe.

And before I went back to Middle, I served in the Navy in Cornwall, just over the River Tamar from Devon, which adopted this as their flag:


Years later, the Dallas Stars would put it on the sleeves of their home sweater.

On the Twitter Machine, others felt the echoes of Uniforms Past.

Chicago’s Evil Steve suggests shades of the USFL’s Washington Federals:


Jeremy up in Minnesota thinks the roads have a shade of North Dakota:


And Nashville’s Yellow No. 5 sees some Rowling influence:


Rip offs or not (and they are, from a lot of places as the evidence clearly shows, and that’s just fine, as it proves that color combo works), the choice of a predominantly green kit is an inspired one for the Stars. NHL teams have to stop trying to copy each other to death or we’ll have 10 teams in black, 10 in red and 10 in blue (everyone will have a “bold and unique” navy blue third jersey).

Kudos for the bright green, Big D. Not sure about that logo, which is apparently glittery.


But maybe it’ll grow on us.

We’re giving the jerseys a pass, based on the cool color choice, and because it means this clip can get played during Chambers Pot games.