Oh Hey Look Up There

by J.R.

Courtesy of Friend of the III (and Avs fan) Andi D, a header for III Communication.

From the inbox (inside links mine):

I wanted to match the tone of the blog, so mimicked a medieval coat of arms using raccoons and a modified NHL shield.  I figured it met the whimsy requirement while still staying true to its sports logo roots. My sleep-deprived brain also decided one night that the raccoons needed names, so I’ve taken to calling them Marv and Frank for reasons that not even I fully understand.

Now we have a badge that we aren’t using as the site logo because we’d have to mess with the dimensions and also because we’re terrified to learn what a cease-and-desist from Henry Rollins looks like and a logo.

We also have a team in Stanley Cup Final.

And if you have something for the site, hit us at conferencethree[at]gmail[dot]com