IIIiteracy: 12 June 2013

by J.R.

A recap of tonight’s Conference III Stanley Cup Final action with help from the geniuses at SportsYapper:

Chicago 4, Boston 3: Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals and, don’t worry, Chicago is still worried about its power play, as nerves and booze take hold, even as the power went out across Chicago.

The fans wonder – can they get pass these goalies after they got passed the others?

The hits begin in earnest early, as expected. While shooting should be encouraged, methinks the Pittsburgh Penguins disagree here.

There is one notable size difference in this series.

Halfway into the first a nice chance by Chicago followed by Crawford’s save of a whistler by David Krecji and an even better one on Brad Marchand’s Nose.

But the third time’s the charm for the Bruins, as Milan Lucic scores to start after a dumbo hit by Nicklos Jamallerson.

Is it possible shot quickness is the deciding factor?

During intermission, Yappers talk relocation. Milwaukee? It does snow.

Milan Lucic scores early, schooling Niklos Jhalmursson again, but young Brandon Saad answers on a power play. And, ah yes, the conspiracy theories, just as the Blackhawks very nearly tied it.

A handful of nice power play opportunities — including one 5-on-3 — gave the Hawks a chance to tie it…but, uh, the Hawks power play has not been “good” or “adequate” or “a power play.”

Can Mister Patty Kane overcome his major deficiency?

Patrice Bergeron extended the Bruins lead on the power play (the unkindest cut), and it looked all but over, but then Chicago powered back with back-to-backs from the unlikeliest pair — Bolland and Stealthy Swede Johnny Oduya. [GIF]

Goodness the Hawks nearly win it with three minutes left.

It’s overtime, so we go checking our favorite internet web sites.

Also, Chicago is better because, I don’t know, there are no stars or something. The Stars suck.

Ay oh, the Bruins get a weirdo two-on-none but no sir. Now 67 minutes in the game, folks still scratching their head over Bolling-for-Stalberg. And quite a sequence in front of Crawford.

The Blackhawks put six on the ice, the only penalty the refs are allowed to call in overtime short of actual murder. And my goodness, there was a barrage of shots on Crawford. And then again and good lord I blacked out briefly.

Speaking of blacking out, somewhere they stop serving at midnight. And it gets a little philosophical as things wear on. And people get self-aware. And people get even more nonsensical than usual. And now the bargaining has begun. And the hopefulness.

Boy Frolik came close. And, hey, guys…another too many men for Chicago, which they killed.

Starting to become concerned this may be the deciding factor. The Yappers are losing it.

And as the clock strikes midnight, Michal Rozsival slings one and what a comeback!

Gimme gimme gimme…Shaw’s the man after midnight (from 1979)