IIIiteracy: 19 June 2013

by J.R.

A recap of tonight’s Conference III Stanley Cup Final action with help from the geniuses at SportsYapper:

To Start, A Brief Personal Interlude: I saw Editors open for Franz Ferdinand in Cardiff some years ago. It was Franz Ferdinand’s first huge UK tour and, as such, it was a huge production. Meanwhile, Editors were getting some recognition for a great first record. They occupied one corner of the stage, maybe 100 square-feet of this massive set-up. But Editors were always SO ON THE BUTTON SO ON THE NOSE. They were tight musically and spatially. They were brilliant, but always felt like they were riding a very thin line – driving a monorail on a track the width of a shoelace. Making all the turns on the track, but each turn felt perilously like it was the one that would send the whole operation over the cliff. But it was that tension — that perfect grasp of both total chaos and total control that made their performance that night the one I remember.

This is “Lights”:

This is Game 4.

Chicago 6, Boston 5 (OT): The under-the-radar Bruins have 2-1 lead and ain’t flying under no radars now. Let’s hope for that clean-reffed game (such subtle conspiracy theorying there). Shock of shocks, Jamal Myers out, Marian Hossa in. A strong dose of pride will carry the day.

Chicago can’t score on their own power play. No problems for Michal Handzus scoring on Boston’s. Don’t turn away from him and don’t turn away from the Yapper because you will definitely miss something either way.

A strong start by the Hawks who are ooking better than they have ooked in a few games.

Not real sure why Peverley, Shaw, Stalberg and McQuaid were involved in the same donnybrook, but here we are.

As the power play expired, it’s a Rich Peverley pizza party.

Something happened and it may have involved Duncan Keith throwing the game, but the first ends 4-on-4. Spend your intermission accordingly.

Boy, you know things are going wrong when Hawks fans are complaining about Edzo.

#fancystats question: Are the Hawks suddenly “cold” or are the Bruins good at defense?

Now I might trust Captain Serious with my team’s morals, but Mr Patty Kane? Goalies R WEIRD.


Jonathan Toews bounces in a Rozie shot for a goal and a 2-1 Hawks lead. And then Mr Patty Kane off another beauty started by Rozie. And then Patrice Bergeron goes straight back to the room (there was a Blackhawks power play in there, too, but I don’t care and neither did they).

A Milan Lucic goal is quickly answered by Krugeran industrial smoothing — off a good rush by Freak-A-Lik.

And a wackadoodle goal by Patrice Bergeron — the hockey equivalent of what a Dungeon Master with a Napoleon Complex does to your Paladin when you roll two 1s — brings the Bruins within one.

Patrice scores a more conventional goal early in the third. And we’re tied…at 4?

The craziness extends to the yap, where fans are handing out compliments now.

A couple of quick penalties make it 4-on-4 and then a brief 4-on-3 and then a brief 5-on-3 for Chicago. This is all very bizarre.

600px-USN-Seabees-Insignia.svgA very handsome goal gives Chicago another lead with about 8 minutes left. It lasts about three seconds — a tying goal from Boychuk.

Time for Ray Ray? Time for (whoever the Bruins back-up is?)? NO ROOM FOR LOGIC, ANTHONY. You either, R.A..

Overtime…We’re going to 11.

A little trouble early for the Hawks, but confidence is high.

Anybody seen Nick Leddy?


What a classic, all red lights and blood: