‘How Many Cups Have You Won?’ — Detroit Reacts To The Blackhawks’ Victory

by J.R.

As you know, the motto of the city of Detroit is “Oh yeah? How many Cups have you won?

Predictably, the good people of the Motor City had their own unique way of congratulating the Chicago Blackhawks on their Stanley Cup win.

Fun fact of the day: Stanley cup wins. Chicago Blackhawks, 6. @DetroitRedWings, 11.
As much as I can’t the the Hawks congrats on the second cup win in 4 years. But remember: Detroit Red Wings: 11 cups. Chicago Blackhawks: 5
but seriously congrats, the Stanley Cup is hard to win. Just remember though 11 is more than 5
ok fucking chill kids the hawks only have won the Stanley cup 5 times Detroits won it 11 #Redwings still got along way to go @DatsyuksEgo
Oh well, they have nothing on my teams 11 Stanley Cup wins.
All I see is the Red Wings were one goal away from the Stanley Cup. Oh well 11>5 #GoWings #HawksStillSuck
Man I wish the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup 5 times… OH WAIT NVRMIND #LGRW #11TIMESBABY @Lillis911
5 cups.. That’s cute. Red wings had their fifth cup in 1952
I wish I could remember when the Red Wings won there 6th Stanley Cup #1954
Half a season means half a Stanley Cup haha scoreboard reads Red Wings- 11 Blackhawks- 5 1/2
@cv0tta red wings have 11 Stanley cup wins . Rangers only have 4 so clearly you don’t know what your talking about.
That’s the black hawks 5th cup Redwings got 11….nice try though
congrats hawks.. you still have less than half the amount of Stanley cup championships than the Red Wings have.. #WingsNation. #BestTeam
And with this victory* the Chicago Blackhawks move 6 behind the Detroit Red Wings in all-time Stanley Cup wins.
That’s cup Blackhawks… We still have 5 more than you 😉 #RedWings