Help III Help You Help III

by J.R.

Hi. III Communication here. I know you are either recovering from celebrating when representatives from three colonies ruled by a faraway monarch decided to unite and be ruled as one colony (y’all are cool with us, though, Manitoba) OR you are preparing to celebrate the casting off of oppressive, tyrannical chains. But please, spare III Comm a moment if you please.

Do you love one of these teams?

  • Dallas StarsTry again
  • St. Louis Blues
  • Winnipeg JetsPerhaps you also hate the Predators or the Stars?

No? Do you hate one of these teams?

  • Chicago Blackhawks We’re sorry but the position has been filled.
  • Colorado Avalanche Ohhh, perhaps we can interest you in one of our other availabilities?
  • Dallas Stars
  • Nashville Predators

If you can answer yes (Ed. Note: Non-Conference III-ers may also apply; if you are a Flortheasterner who has a righteous hatred for the Avs, we’ll take it) please email conferencethree[at]gmail[dot]com with great haste.