The Sound & The Fury: 2013 Free Agency Unedited

by J.R.

As I did for the lottery and the draft, today I give you my unedited thoughts on free agency day as it happened.

10:45A — Coming at you live from my office where I can do this because there is precious little going onin the world of Nashville real estate and Tennessee politics today, Early words are that Daniel Alfredsson will sign with Detroit at 11ish. We will also find out if Mikhail Grabovski will clear waivers or if someone — and there are a few in Conference III — who needs a center will take the claim for a top six guy at $5.5M against the cap for a few years.

Josh Cooper reports the preds have money to spend and dater reports via twitter, sulia, telegraph and yelling at you after you pay him a nickel that the Avs shoud be quiet. The Stars have already made a handful of moves. The Jets have to sign some people just to get a full roster. The Blues may have interest in Iggy, but then who doesn’t? The Wild are sorting the universal NHL roster by “hometown” to see if there’s any Minnesotans they can sign.

The Fightin’ Adjectives: The Montreal Canadiens of the Upper Midwest.



Mikhail Grabovski cleared waivers for reasons passing understand and will enter free agency. The cerebral Andrew Ference signs in Edmonton because he, like every player who signs in another division, is a fraidy cat.

there was, like, a three month period i thought joey crabb was the competitive eating dude

From T-Murda:


Save us Uncle Bob:

The preds are allegedly in on Erik Nystrom and Viktor Stalberg, giving them more oddly placed Ks than a tim thomas christmas card.

Andre Benoit is signing with Colorado and I had to look up who he is.

Natty Ho got seven years SEVEN YEARS. usually the only people who spend seven years in columbus are ohio state football players. ryan clowe got almost 5 per from new jersey. people be crazy out here.

Clarke MacArthur is rumored to be going to literally everywhere. And he has gone literally nowhere.

incredible question:

MacArthur has officially invaded Ottawa [/logs off]

jay feaster traded for a guy that was on waivers. so feastery

rosie returns to chicago. good for him.

The Preds get their cousin-swapping on, landing Conference III commodities Viktor Stalberg (late of Chicago) and old ass Matt Cullen from Minnesota.

4/12 for Stalberg. i don’t thin the jets have done anything (it is 1PM now). weiss goes to detroit. kitty becomes a fraidy cat.

2/7 for Cullen to Nashville, who now have 14 third-line centers and Colin Wilson.

And the best tweet ever:

the predators have also signed frequent masterton nominee matt hendricks…who is a 32-year-old center. I’m genuinely baffled. Dallas signs Dan Ellis (Nashville needs a No. 2 goalie, as well, btw).

Nashville and Dallas are competing to see how many centers they can get on the ice at the same time in Chambers Pot games.

And now it looks like Eric Nystrom and/or Erik Nystrom is a Predator, and the Predators are going to push a lot of people around but maybe not so much with the scoring?

here’s matt hendricks doing wild stuff in shootouts. holy cow

Derek Roy still out there and “signing with a western team.”

New Preds back-up goalie Carter Hutton is a good UMass-Lowell boy and friend of the show Ryan Lambert (@twolinepass) is gonna be the biggest nashville fan in the whole wide world.

4 at 2.5 for Nystrom in Nashville, per various people on twitter.

Meanwhile, the Blues No. 1 center is still David Backes. Twas ever thus.

Also, this is down the hill from III Comm HQ:


Flortheast be crazy!

Of course, if Bobby goes to Ottawa too hot, he’ll never have enough energy to get to Kanata.

The Preds PR man announces they have “completed” their day at 2:37 PM with the official announcement of Nystrom and Cullen. They officially have 29 centers under contract and one winger.

apparently matt hendricks decided to sign in nashville in part because former pred joel ward praised trotz when hendricks and ward roomed together in DC. that’s a savvy move by the preds. let guys walk and talk to their roommates about how great Nashville is, then sign the roommate.

eric/erik nystrom’s phone died. i mean.

ok and then Cullen said Ryan Suter had a lot of good things to say about Nashville. I’m convinced all former Preds are secret free agent recruiting agents now. tsn just called the Stalberg signing questionable and THN called TJ Brennan a former Nashville defenseman (rights traded, never gota deal). that’s top notch stuff. and guys when the leafs visit nashville make sure to give a big ovation when they do the tj brennan tribute video

in summery, Conference III did lots of things today and they were almost all by Nashville, which included signing a guy who likes strip bars? chicago re-upped handzus and rosie which is great. minny? inked spurgeon long-term, which is great. the blues, i’m not sure. winny didn’t do anything.

have fun out there.