Worth Its Weight: A Conference III Math Problem

by J.R.

For an upcoming fan event, the Nashville Predators painted the ice at Bridgestone Arena gold:


But what if it was actually gold? How much would that cost?

An NHL rink is 85 feet by 200 feet and we’ll assume 3 inches (or .25 feet) deep. I’m assuming it’s a perfect rectangle with right angled corners because I don’t want to do too much work.

Thus: 85x200x.25=4,250 cubic feet.

According to this Internet Web Site, 4,250 cubic feet of gold would weigh 5,115,877.73 pounds or, to convert to the standard trading unit, 74,606,545 troy ounces (plus some pennyweights, which I’m ignoring).

At the current (12:30P Central) trading price of $1,278 per troy ounce, it would cost the Predators $95,347,164,510 to make a rink out of pure gold.

So what was the lockout for???