The Ultimate 2013-14 Conference III Schedule Guide

by J.R.

Bookmark this post, gang. It’s the highlights, low lights and brunch dates for the Conference III season. It’s linked in The Essentials for quick reference, as well.

All times Central, except where noted (NB: now proffering “Where Noted” as lingo for playing in Colorado – i.e. “Tonight the Blackhawks take on the Avs Where Noted”).


1863_1Go here and punch in the date and time as appropriate.

Chicago: Oct. 1, 7P vs. Washington — The Caps come to town with the Hart Trophy winner to watch the Blackhawks raise another banner.
Colorado: Oct. 2, 7:30P (Mtn) vs Anaheim — The Avs say goodbye to the Pacific Division one last time, which would make sense if they had been in the Pacific Division before, which itself would have made more sense than being in the Northwest. Which is what they were in.
Dallas: Oct. 3, 7:30P vs. Florida — An odd starter, except the two top Europeans from the draft — Alex Barkov for the Panthers and Valeri Nichushkin for the Stars — get an early season match-up.
Minnesota: Oct. 3, 7P vs. Los Angeles – The Kings go to the X to teach those numerophobes from Minnesota an early lesson on the utility of Corsi.
Nashville: Oct. 3., 7P @ St. Louis — Oh God. Please don’t repeat this. It’s the first all-Conference-III match-up of all time, after all.
St. Louis: See above.
Winnipeg: Oct. 1, 9P @ Edmonton — Nothing against the Jets, really, but what genius at the NHL scheduling office thought the back-end of the Opening Night doubleheader should be the Jets at the Oilers? Really?

Conference III Openers

chainsawChicago: Oct. 9, 7P at St Louis — The Route 66 Rivalry kicks off on a Wednesday night in St. Louis.
Colorado: Oct. 4, 7P (Mtn) vs Nashville — An intriguing start to Conference III action. Nashville comes in on the back-end of a season-opening back-to-back. Will Seth Jones come in and try to make his hometown Avs pay for passing on him?
Dallas: Oct. 11, 7P at Winnipeg — “Congratulations, Dallas. We got you out of the Pacific Division and your first game in your new division is almost 1,300 miles away…just slightly closer than, say, LA.”
Minnesota: Oct. 8, 7P @ Nashville – The NHL has a delightful sense of humor. This one is Nashville’s home opener. They’ll be eager.
Nashville: Oct. 3., 7P @ St. Louis — Again: Please don’t repeat this.
St. Louis: See above.
Winnipeg: Oct. 10, 7P @ Minnesota — Winny, meet Minny. Is a rhyme enough to make a rivalry?

Seven To Look Forward To

1264Chronologically, a list of seven games to circle.

Oct 6: Anaheim at Winnipeg, 7P — Teemu’s first trip back to Winnipeg since oh-so-long ago December of 2011. [Ed. note — Seems like I forgot a season. I won’t say which one]
Oct. 17: Detroit at Colorado, 7P (Mtn) — Hey, ya think Patrick Roy can wait until Detroit comes back? The Avs will be retiring Adam Foote’s number at some point in the early going. This looks like a great opportunity.
Nov. 5: Dallas at Boston, 6P — Rich Peverley returns! Oh and Tyler Seguin, which may be what the kehds actually talk about.
Dec. 2: St. Louis at Los Angeles, 9:30P — A rematch of one of the better first-round playoff match-ups.
March 1: Pittsburgh at Chicago, 7P at Soldier Field — More or less the highlight of the league schedule post-Olympics. Folks will call this a Cup preview probably; we’re just happy Conference III got one outdoor game.
March 20: Minnesota at New Jersey, 6P — Zach Parise returns to New Jersey.
March 30: Washington at Nashville, 7PNumber One Fraidy Cat Marty Erat returns to town. Will Filip Forsberg score a zillion goals?
April 13: Nashville at Minnesota, 7PConfusing playoff format or no, this one could have serious playoff implications.

Seven To Avoid

02418839Seriously, find something else to do.

Jan. 14: Calgary at Nashville, 7P — Before the worst game ever happened, the standard for boring, inert garbage was a Tuesday night in Nashville with Calgary in town. In the old days, at least Iggy could be counted on. Fun fact: Nashville’s half-season package is 23 games — 21 games, one preseason game and then a “bonus” regular season game. There are two options this season. One has a Saturday night against Dallas, the other has this game. If anybody takes the second option, they should be committed.
Jan. 16: Edmonton at Minnesota, 7P  — If there’s anything more exhausting than the Wild-bloggers-versus-Edmonton-bloggers vis a vis second-level stats, I don’t know what it is. Just avoid the entire Internet this day. Or read Down Goes Brown‘s Grantland piece on numbers.
March 6: St. Louis at Nashville, 7P — A late-ish season game between St. Louis and Nashville. We’ve seen this before.
March 9: Chicago at Buffalo, 6:30P — Why is this game on NATIONAL TV? This game could get flexed and put on NBC. Seriously. Why?
March 20: Dallas at Philadelphia, 6P — The Battle of Teams Jaromir Jagr Played For That You Will Forget About!
April 1: Colorado at Columbus, 6P — OK.
April 1: Winnipeg at Phoenix, 8P — Wait, there is something more exhausting than the Wild-versus-math thing. It’s the conversation that will inevitably come out of this game about Phoenix (wait, shouldn’t they be “Arizona” now?) moving back to Canada. Maybe they can move back to Winnipeg! There can be two teams in Winnipeg!

Get Your Kicks

resized_route-66-signs-chicago-3_1072x16141Here’s a list of when Chicago and St. Louis get together

Oct. 9 — @ St. Louis, 7P
Oct. 17 — @ Chicago, 7P
Dec. 28 — @ St. Louis, 7P
March 19 — @ Chicago, 7P
April 6 — @ St. Louis, 6:30P

The Chambers Pot

Here’s the full schedule of Nashville-Dallas games —The Chambers Pot, Rich Clune’s favorite rivalry.

5cc13b2eb37ac55822acfd4b59ce5fc8Dec. 12 — @ Nashville, 7P
Dec. 27 — Dallas, 7:30P
Jan. 20 — @ Nashville, 7P
March 28 — @ Dallas, 7:30P
April 8 — @ Dallas, 7:30P

Brunchrence III

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAConference III teams are involved in 28 weekend afternoon games (Ed. Note: We’re counting anything that starts at 3PM Conference III team time, or earlier) — seven (denoted with *) involve two Conference III teams. And every Conference III team plays in at least one Brunchrence III game against another Conference III team.

Nov. 2: Chicago at Winnipeg*, 2P
Nov. 2: Nashville at Los Angeles, 3P
Nov 3: Dallas at Ottawa, Noon
Nov. 23: Minnesota at Winnipeg*, 2P
Nov. 29: St. Louis at San Jose (Special Black Friday Brunchrence Game), 3P
Dec. 14: Dallas at Winnipeg*, 2P
Dec. 21: Colorado at Los Angeles, 2P (Mtn)
Jan. 4: Winnipeg at Boston, Noon
Jan. 4: San Jose at Colorado, 1P (Mtn)
Jan. 5: Winnipeg at Pittsburgh, Noon
Jan. 18: Edmonton at Winnipeg, 1P
Jan. 19: Boston at Chicago, 2P
Jan. 25: St. Louis at New York Islanders, Noon
Feb. 1: Buffalo at Colorado, 1P (Mtn)
Feb. 2: Winnipeg at Montreal, Noon
Feb. 8: Winnipeg at St. Louis*, 1P
March 1: Winnipeg at Nashville*, 2P
March 1: Tampa Bay at Dallas, 2P
March 8: St. Louis at Colorado*, 1P (Mtn)
March 8: Ottawa at Winnipeg, 2P
March 16: Colorado at Ottawa, 3P (Mtn)
March 22: St. Louis at Philadelphia, Noon
March 22: Detroit at Minnesota, 1P
March 22: Ottawa at Dallas, 2P
March 23: St. Louis at Pittsburgh, Noon
March 29: San Jose at Colorado, 1P (Mtn)
April 5: Colorado at St. Louis*, 1P
April 13: Detroit at St. Louis, 2P


CT Cubs0708020.JPGChicago: April 12, 7P @ Nashville — A nice little Conference III closer in Music City
Colorado: April 13, 6P (Mtn) @ Anaheim — Colorado bookends its season with the Ducks.
Dallas: April 13, 7P @ Phoenix — Could this one have implications on those crossover playoff spots?
Minnesota: April 13, 7P vs Nashville — Oh, tricky. A nice little Conference III finisher with playoff concerns?
Nashville: April 13, 7P @ Minnesota — See above.
St. LouisApril 13, 2P vs Detroit — The Blues close with a Brunchrence game against the defectors.
Winnipeg: April 11, 8P @ Calgary — Why does Winnipeg always end earlier than everyone else? This is some TV thing, isn’t it?