A Special Day For Conference III Legends

by J.R.

Just a quick August note to extend official III Communication congratulations to a few Threeroes on a special day.

First, a happy birthday to Brett Hull, reared in Chicago:


Made a star in St. Louis:


And a Cup winner in Dallas:


Of course, it was 25 years ago today that Wayne Gretzky got his Get-Out-Of-Alberta Card. But before he was imprisoned in Edmonton, he plied his trade in Conference III country:


Gretzky moving to Los Angeles is often seen as the First Cause, leading to the NHL’s expansion and relocation into the Sun Belt — Nashville thanks you, as does Dallas, and, to a degree Minnesota, because had the Stars not left, they’d never have the Wild; Winnipeg is allowed to have mixed feelings, because this trend begat the Coyotes, but also the Thrashers — and from Canada into the U.S. generally — Hello, Colorado!. In Conference III, he’s best remembered as a Blues great, of course: