Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh: Conference III Camp Report, 14 September 2013

by J.R.

hmhf45aAs camps continue in Conference III, we’ll do a daily check-in on what’s happening across The Heptarchy. Most of the time, frankly, this is going to be by Twitter search or maybe Google if we are feeling especially inspired. Sometimes the Nashville report may be done in person. We’ll see if our buddy Gord Stinkhole wants to check in from Winnipeg. And if any of y’all have any insights from a camp visit, fire ‘em to conferencethree[at]gmail[dot]com. We’ll totally rip off your content.





I’m not sure about Ryan O’Reilly’s training regimen:

Today in “I Read Adrian Dater’s Sulia So You Don’t Have To”:

Steve Downie and Gabe Landeskog nearly came to blows at the morning scrimmage, after Downie took a run at Landy. Landy wanted to go with Downie, at least for a couple seconds he did, but the two did not drop the gloves. Landy was definitely not happy about the hit.

Jamie McGinn — whose name is actually “James Robert McGinn,” which makes him top notch — had a hat trick in the scrimmage.


Maybe to keep people focused with the big game down in College Station, the Stars had a scrimmage at 7 AM.

Other theories:

Hey, Something Old, Something New and Something Borrowed:


“Hey, Seto? Hey, it’s Zenon. Here, have a glass of wine.”

I wonder how long we can let Mike Yeo believe that Jon Blum is good?


As the Swedes hone their reflexes:

Rich Clune continues to lead the league in ChambersPotHate per 60:

The Preds had another scrimmage today and managed three goals this time, from Shea Weber (left uncovered sneaking down the middle), Taylor Beck (head-manned sweetly by Filip Forsberg) and Eric Nystrom, who personalitied it into the net

St. Louis

Hey, Petro!

And the first real sort-of intra-Conference III game tomorrow!


The Jets played the Caps in Belleville for that Kraft Hockeytown thing.

Here’s facts about Belleville:

Avril Lavigne is from there.


So is Andrew Shaw.

If Andrew Shaw was on the Jets, he wouldn’t be the MVP. The Jets already have an MVP, per the local press:

Although Pavelec was clearly the Jets most valuable player during the 2011-12 season, his goals against average (2.91 GAA) and save percentage (.906) were well below average.

During the lockout-shortened season, when Pavelec appeared in a whopping 44 of 48 games, the numbers were similar (2.80 GAA, .905 save percentage) — prompting some to suggest that if the Jets had received average goaltending, they might have actually made the playoffs last year instead of missing out by four points.

Anyway, I tried to go to SportsYapper to follow the game so I could do a pre-season IIIiteracy. But unlike last season, there was no viable workaround — no web-based version of the Yap. These days you can only app Yap. What crap.

Anyway, the Jets lost in a shootout.