How To Watch A Preseason Game The Conference III Way

by J.R.

At some point in the next two weeks, a lot of you will go to your local rink to watch the silliness that is preseason hockey.

For fans, there’s very little redeeming value to these exercises beyond, say, trying to identify which parking lots near the arena are still affordable and testing out the new concession stand options.

But you go and you watch and then, at that 10 minute second-period TV timeout when your AHL back-up goalie is replaced by a potential ECHL back-up, you wonder what the heck the point was.

We’ve got you covered with a simple game, perfectly designed for the preseason.

Have everyone pick a number — the idea being that they are trying to guess the sum of the jersey numbers of the players involved in the next goal.

For example, Nashville’s first goal in the first game against Florida was scored by Kevin Henderson (18) with an assist from Paul Gaustad (28) for a total of 46. Florida’s fifth goal was scored by Scottie Upshall (19) from Jed Ortmeyer (38) and Vincent Trocheck (67) for a total of 124.

Whoever was farthest away is the loser and the loser buys the (hopefully heavily-discounted) beer (or whatever).

This is a great game for preseason because A) there always seems to be more scoring and 2) lines, and therefore scoring combinations, are virtually impossible to predict and III) dudes who play in preseason games have stupid numbers.

Pick your first number prior to opening face-off and subsequent numbers when you get your new beer.

Enjoy and enjoy responsibly.