Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh: Conference III Camp Report, 18 September 2013

by J.R.

hmhf45aAs camps continue in Conference III, we’ll do a daily check-in on what’s happening across The Heptarchy. Most of the time, frankly, this is going to be by Twitter search or maybe Google if we are feeling especially inspired. Sometimes the Nashville report may be done in person. We’ll see if our buddy Gord Stinkhole wants to check in from Winnipeg. And if any of y’all have any insights from a camp visit, fire ‘em to conferencethree[at]gmail[dot]com. We’ll totally rip off your content.


The Cup was in Chicago today, my frents.


Colorado played the Ducks. There were musical chairs. The Avs lost. I increasingly despise the preseason.


Nothing like the Panthers to pack ’em in, eh?



The game went to a shootout. The Stars won 3-2. A guy named Nilstorp was the goalie. I ponder my meaningless existence.


The Wild’s best forward in their loss to Not Conference III Columbus?


Yep, Nino Niederreiter. But that’s no guarantee he’ll be there in October, apparently:

Niederreiter’s goal is to make the Wild out of camp, but GM Chuck Fletcher has told him there are no promises and he could end up in Iowa of the AHL to start.

Niederreiter’s training camp stall has been in the minor league locker room. He, Granlund and Zucker — not Coyle — are in the “In the System” section of the media guide.

“The kids have to earn it,” Fletcher said. “Don’t assume an 82-game free ride. We’ve got to assume they’ll all play games, but whether they play 10 or 82 is up to them. We’re just trying to win.”

Also, pre-season booing — Hockey Wilderness’ take:

If our Twitter account is to believed, and I’ve got no reason to doubt the credibility of the website that I write for, the Wild were at some point booed. By their own fans. In the pre-season.

I’m not the fan who objects to boos. I don’t care about how the players take it. I don’t think most actually care whether you cheer or boo them to begin with. You paid your money- if you don’t like what you see, boo.

But hot damn, the pre-season? At least save that stuff for a time where it actually matters. Take the edmonton drubbing from last year, for example. A horrible night where everything spun out of control, with a playoff spot on the line.

A pre-season game versus Columbus, when your best players aren’t even starting? Pick your spots, people.


Nashville athletes are known for their love of fishing:


Straight bass, homey.

Thus, this year’s Predators’ team-building exercise was fishing down in Florida:

Today, they’re going on a fishing derby. Off-ice official Bob Wasno, a master fisherman, has arranged for the players to take 20 boats out where they’ll compete to catch the biggest fish.

“I almost want to get practice over with so we can go fishing,” Predators defenseman Shea Weber said. “There’s all different things to catch. We’ll be looking for sharks, red fish, tarpons, big ones. The guys are excited.”

Check the excitement!




St. Louis

We appreciate Magnus Paajarvi’s Conference III-level shade here:

I’m coming to a contender team, so it’s very exciting and inspiring. Trust me, there was expectations in Edmonton too with all the hype and the young talent. But we talked about getting to the playoffs in Edmonton, and here we talk about the Cup.

Also, check out Dave Lozo’s look at the same trade through David Perron’s eyes.

Anywho, the Blues lost in a shootout to the Lightning and Vlad Sobotka went off with what the team is calling an “upper-body injury,” though there was suspicion in some circles he disappeared into the Orlando night rather than returning to St. Louis, hoping to live with mice instead of rats.


The big news in Manitoba is that the Jets have extended Kevin Cheveldayoff.

So which Chevy will they get? The cool one…


Or the weird Frankenminivan: