Great Game Previews In History: 2 October 2013

by J.R.

410px-Arms_of_Dafydd_ap_Gruffydd.svgToday In History:

On October 3, 1283, Dafydd ap Gruffydd, the last independent ruler of Wales — Britain’s Conference III, was executed by hanging, drawing and quartering by Edward I Of England, d/b/a Longshanks a/k/a Hammer of the Scots (which should be a metal band name).

He was the first prominent person to receive this indignity and why?

Dafydd was dragged through the streets of Shrewsbury attached to a horse’s tail then hanged alive, revived, then disembowelled and his entrails burned before him for “his sacrilege in committing his crimes in the week of Christ’s passion”, and then his body cut into four quarters “for plotting the king’s death”.

Remember gang, if you’re going to commit high treason, don’t do it during Easter Week.

Predators at Blues, 7:30 PM

Records: Predators (0-0-0, 0 points, 4th in Conference III); Blues (0-0-0, 0 points, 4th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: A 1-0 Blues win in Nashville April 9, the Worst Game Ever.

Last 10: Nashville 0-0-0; St. Louis 0-0-0

Historical Context: Dafydd ap Gruffydd and his son were trapped and captured at Nanhysglain, a bog. Nashville similarly will try to avoid being trapped in a bog (St. Louis). We should also note that this, the No. 8 ranked rivalry on our list, is the first game between two Conference III opponents in the Conference III Era and that today is the birthday of Seth Jones (Jones being a good Welsh name), who might be the Mab Darogan.

Kings at Wild, 7 PM

Records: Kings (0-0-0, 0 points, 1st in Pacific); Wild (0-0-0, 0 points, 4th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: Cal Clutterbuck of all people scored the game winner in a 2-1 Wild win April 23.

Last 10: Nashville 0-0-0; St. Louis 0-0-0

Historical Context: While not a King (his title was Tywysog of Gwynedd, acknowledged by pre-Edward rulers of England as the Princes of Wales), Dafydd sure knew how to live wild — traipsing all over Wales’ interior in an ultimately fruitless bid to avoid capture by Edward’s forces.

Panthers at Stars, 7:30 PM

Records: Panthers (0-0-0, 0 points, 3rd in Flortheast); Stars (0-0-0, 0 points, 4th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: What? You don’t remember the Panthers’ 6-0 win at Dallas on November 15, 2012? How could you forget the heroics of Scott Clemmensen that night?

Last 10: Florida 0-0-0; Dallas 0-0-0

Historical Context: The Stars debut the green-and-white tonight. Wales likes green and white too!

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