Great Game Previews In History: 6 October 2013

by J.R.

Today In History:

400px-Women's_March_on_Versailles01In 1789, King Louis XVI returns to Paris — at the time, a functional if brutal place — from Versailles, his golden, sunny city. The downtrodden women of Paris marched up to Versailles from the capital, demanding bread and arms (weirdly, Louis wasn’t encouraged to just hand over a bunch of weapons to 6,000 angry people).

The march compelled Louis and the National Assembly to go back to Paris — by now the march had grown to include 60,000 people and the trip took nine hours. At times it was convivial — the soldiers distributing loaves of bread — but at times, the marchers fired gunshots over the king’s carriage and lofted the heads of the palace guards they killed up on spears.

Louis settled in at the palace in Paris — a much grimmer place than Versailles — and, presciently, called for a biography of King Charles I of England, who was killed by his subjects.

None of this ended well for Louis, of course, as the French Revolution — The End of History — would come in short order.

Ducks at Jets, 7 PM

Records: Ducks (1-1-0, 2 points, 3rd in Pacific); Jets (2-0-0, 4 points, 1st in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: It was December 17, 2011 when Teemu Selanne returned to Winnipeg. He had a pair of assists, but the Jets won 5-3.

Last 10: Anaheim 1-1-0; Winnipeg 2-0-0

Historical Context: Like Louis, Teemu is coming back to the ancestral home from his glittering sunny city.