IIIiteracy: 17 October 2013

by J.R.

A recap of tonight’s Conference III action with help from the geniuses on social media:

So where’s the Yapps? Explanation here.

Blues 3, Blackhawks 2 (SO): T.J. Oshie scored the only goal in the shootout as St. Louis St. Louised the Blackhawks. Or whatever they’re called.

Lightning 3, Wild 1:  What’s the Wild gotta do to get a win?


Los Angeles 2, Nashville 1 (SO): The Preds played a pretty solid game and lost on a trickler in the shootout, but let’s talk about what’s really important:

Stars 4, Sharks 3 (SO): The worst team in Conference III knocked off one of the NHL’s last unbeaten teams. Look.

Red Wings 4, Avalanche 2: It had to end sometime. Did the Wings need help?