Great Game Previews In History: 18 October 2013

by J.R.

Today In History:

800px-USS_Wasp_capturing_HMS_FrolicThere were lots of weird naval engagements during the War of 1812, mostly because a bunch of them took place on the Great Lakes and fighting a naval battle without sea room is a little like trying to get through the neutral zone on a vintage era New Jersey Devils team.

The battle in question on October 18, 1812, though, took place on the Atlantic, about 300 miles north of Bermuda.

The HMS Frolic was escorting a group of 14 merchant ships out of Honduras, but the convoy was scattered. Meanwhile, the USS Wasp — patrolling between the Delaware River and the West Indies, came upon the Frolic.

At 11:30, the battle was joined. The Frolic was outgunned by the Wasp; the latter attacked the Frolic’s hull, while the Frolic — in opposition to the usual British strategy — aimed high. The Wasp defeated the Frolic, all 90 of the latter’s officers and crew either injured or dead. It was all over by 11:52.

But then it gets weird: as the Wasp crew tried to repair the Frolic, the HMS Poictiers stumbled upon the action and captured both ships.

Though a lot of what happened in the War of 1812 is disputed as to victors and losers, this one, actually, goes down as an American win.

Blues at Jets, 7 PM

Records: Blues (5-1-0, 10 points, 2nd in Conference III); Jets (3-4-0, 6 points, 7th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: Your future favorite player Blake Wheeler scored the winner in a shootout as the Jets won 3-2 in Winnipeg February 25, 2012.

Last 10: St. Louis 5-1-0; Winnipeg 3-4-0

Historical Context: The Claude Noel Death Watch is on. But perhaps he’ll get a reprieve from an unlikely — and fortunate — turn of events. The Frolic ended up back in British hands (as did the Wasp for that matter). The Wasp’s captain, Jacob Jones, ended up in command of another captured ship and then later was second-in-command in the Lake Ontario theater. All’s well that end’s well and a good run of form can change everybody’s fortunes.