IIIiteracy: 25 October 2013

by J.R.

A recap of tonight’s Conference III action with help from the geniuses on social media:

So where’s the Yapps? Explanation here.

Vancouver 3, St. Louis 2: Ahhh of course.

Halak gave up a weirdo to Chris Higgins. FULL ANALYSIS:

Speaking of should of. Maybe the coaches should of thought of this:

Or should of thought of this:

Goals from Steen and Sobotka tie ‘er up

And Kesler gets the winner:


Colorado 4, Carolina 2: Erik Johnson scored the opener off his foot, despite being a game-time decision on his foot and, ya know, folks in Colorado are starting to warm up to him:

Someone named Drayson scored for the Canes. Drayson.


Drayson Bowman is from Colorado, by the way, and this is a cool story:

Dutchy had a pair. Avs win again. Ho hum.