Great Game Previews In History: 1 November 2013

by J.R.

Today In History:

othello_3_mdIn 1604, William Shakespeare’s Othello is performed for the first time at the Whitehall Palace in London (sidenote: his The Tempest would debut on Nov. 1, 1611, which makes me wonder if there’s some sort of old cultural thing about performing plays on All Saints Day; maybe that was a big theater-going day back in olden times).

A report from the Master of the Revels — which was a position in the British Royal Household, unlike the Marker of the Swans, which still is — described it thus:

On Hallamas Day, being the first of Nouembar… the Kings Maiesties plaiers [performed] A Play in the Banketinge house at Whit Hall Called The Moor of Venis.

The play was attributed to “Shaxbeard” in that account, which is either testimony to the composite Shakespeare theory or a testament to the fact that no one could spell in 1604.

Othello is the story of Othello, of course, a great military leader brought low by his jealousies, carefully stoked by his friend and later talking parrot, Iago. It all goes very badly and then he becomes a board game.

Avalanche at Stars, 7:30 PM Central/6:30 PM Mountain

Records: Avalanche (10-1-0, 20 points, 1st in Conference III); Stars (5-6-1, 11 points, 7th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: Matt Duchene had a pair and the Avs won 3-2 October 15 in Denver.

Last 10: Colorado 9-1-0; Dallas 4-5-1

Historical Context: O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is the green-ey’d monster, which doth mock the meat it feeds on.’

There were reasons to think that both the Avs and Stars would struggle this year, though many folks (me included) picked the Stars to compete for a playoff spot, while the Avs were thought to be a few years away. Meanwhile, Colorado is off to the best start in franchise history and Dallas is in fits and starts. Perhaps the new Stars jerseys are green for a reason.

Blues at Panthers, 6:30 PM

Records: Blues (7-1-2, 16 points, 3rd in Conference III); Panthers (3-7-2, 8 points, 7th in Flortheast)

Last Time They Met: The Blues beat the Panthers by seven. Seven. It was October 5.

Last 10: St. Louis 7-1-2; Florida 2-6-2

Historical Context: Drown thyself? Drown cats and blind puppies.’

The Blues sure as heck drowned those cats back in October and now, well-rested as they are, they should do so again.

Canadiens at Wild, 7 PM

Records: Canadiens (8-5-0, 16 points, 4th in Flortheast); Wild (6-4-3, 15 points, 4th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: The Habs won 5-4 in a shootout at the Bell Centre March 1, 2012, getting two points despite a furious Minnesota comeback with three goals in the final four minutes of regulation.

Last 10: Montreal 7-3-0; Minnesota 6-3-1

Historical Context: Yet wild, the people’s hearts brimful of fear.’

The State of Hockey was restless, methinks, after a sluggish start. The Wild are starting to find their way, but square off against a Habs team that’s won a bit recently, as well.