Great Game Previews In History: 7 November 2013

by J.R.

Today In History

p5874_ca6c53d0d12c08d4ebc4bb8adb461b32ensisheim_klOn November 7, 1492, a meteorite fell into a wheat field outside of Ensisheim in Alsace, then part of something called Further Austria (opening for Arcade Fire on select U.S. dates) but now in France.

Ensisheim is notable as the earliest meteorite for which we have a known date of impact and a preserved sample large enough for study.

Being the 15th century and See of Rome being held by a Spaniard — Alexander VI, known pre-papally as Rodrigo Borgia — many observers, notably the chronicler Sigismondo Tizio, saw the meteorite as a signal of coming doom. Of course, it helped that Tizio didn’t write his account until well after the meteorite struck, so it was relatively easy for him to point to the rise of syphilis and the invasion of Italy by France as portended by it.

Parts of the stone were sent to King Maximilian — later Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor — and to Cardinal Picolimini, who would become Pope Pius III.

Wild at Capitals, 6 PM

Records: Wild (9-4-3, 21 points, 3rd in Conference III); Capitals (8-7-0, 16 points, 2nd in Stupid, Ugly, Dumb Metro)

Last Time They Met: The Caps won 3-0 way back on March 25, 2012.

Last 10: Minnesota 6-3-1; Washington 7-3-0

Historical Context: It only takes one shot from a meteor to excite people. In that way, it’s just like a power play. This game features two of the NHL’s best with the extra man.

Stars at Red Wings, 6:30 PM

Records: Stars (7-6-2, 16 points, 6th in Conference III); Red Wings (9-5-2, 20 points, 3rd in Flortheast)

Last Time They Met: On the last day of the 2013 regular season, Detroit beat Dallas 3-0 at the American Airlines Center.

Last 10: Dallas 5-3-2; Detroit 5-3-2

Historical Context: It’s mind-boggling to calculate the odds of a meteorite making an earth strike twice in the same place, but perhaps Dallas can repeat Winnipeg’s glorious feat and best the traitorous Red Wings.

Flames at  Blues, 7 PM

Records: Flames (6-7-2, 14 points, 6th in Pacific); Blues (9-2-2, 20 points, 4th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: On April 25 at the Saddledome, the Blues left with a 4-1 win.

Last 10: Calgary 3-7-0; St. Louis 6-2-2

Historical Context: Reports from the day say the flame from the meteorite was visible for more than 90 miles and terrified observers. Of course, it ended up just being a big dumb rock. In related news: the 2013-14 Calgary Flames!