Happy Hour In The Heptarchy: Ginger Apple Cider and Apple Pie Snaps

by J.R.

It’s five past 5 across Conference III (leave work early, Colorado — you have our permission), time to hit bricks and get that freakin’ weekend started, am I right?

Of course I am.

It’s been a tough week for some of you so loosen your belt, pop a top, grab a spoon and stop being such a sourpuss. III Communication’s got good news for everybody.

The Particulars

beer_158010What We’re Drinking: Back after Peter Horachek got fired as the Predators’ assistant coach, I concocted a cocktail of untaxed corn whiskey, ginger ale and nails in his honor. Now that he’s the head man in Florida — as I predicted (ignore the part where Colorado finishes seventh) —I might just pick up a legal version of that illicit drink.

Angry Orchard makes an apple-ginger cider of which I am quite fond (and which is now available at Bridgestone Arena, which would matter if it wasn’t another week before the Predators had a home game). One problem with the stuff is that it’s proven pretty popular in Affluent West Nashville and none of my local groceries can keep the stuff in stock. The other problem is the same problem my grandma has with Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack: “It’s so smooth you’re already there before you knew you got on the bus.” The Angry Orchard stuff, I drink one in about thirty seconds.

What We’re Eating: Continuing with the apple theme, I picked up a box of apple-pie snaps (like ginger snaps, but, ya know, appley). They were pretty dang good and fall-y. Could have used more ginger (see above).

Reasons To Celebrate

Chicago: One reason to celebrate might be that Dale Tallon seems insistent on making wholesale changes in South Florida, so if there’s any marginal player on the Blackhawks, he’s probably going to turn into a pretty good draft pick in the inevitable trade to the Panthers. Also: if you know anyone who has more money than sense and doesn’t mind going to Naperville, a developer is building a condo development for cars.

Your Weekend Jam: “I Love My Car” by Belle & Sebastian


Colorado: Does the sting of losing hurt more when it’s been so rare? Soothe your pain knowing the secessionist movement has been halted with most of the counties to be included in the breakaway state voting against it.

Your Weekend Jam: “Don’t Leave Me This Way” by Thelma Houston


Dallas: Way to go! Celebrate by paying your parking with your smartphone!

Your Weekend Jam: “Parking Lot Pimpin'” by Jay-Z


Minnesota: Sure, the Wild lost to a Stupid, Ugly, Dumb Metro team, but deer season should be a doozy.

Your Weekend Jam: “Shotgun Boogie” by Tennessee Ernie Ford


Nashville: Barry Trotz is going to have some tough roster decisions once everyone is healthy, as the Don’t Scratch Me, Bro gang was all over the place in the win at Colorado. And if you were ever concerned that there was no place actually named “Rocky Top, Tennessee”, worry no more. Fun “Rocky Top” fact: it’s one of Tennessee’s numerous state songs (though “Tennessee Waltz” is the best) and it is the country’s only state song that sorta-kinda advocates violence against federal employees (“Once two strangers climbed old Rocky Top, looking for a moonshine still. Strangers ain’t come down from Rocky Top. Reckon they never will”).

Your Weekend Jam: “Rocky Top” by The Osborne Brothers (one of whom, coincidentally, lived down the street from my grandma)


St. Louis Blues: Sure, OK, Alex Steen is a great story, but is he the reason for St. Louis’ cheap gas (no)?

Your Weekend Jam: “Price of Gas” by Bloc Party


Winnipeg: Happy Birthday!

Your Weekend Jam: “One Great City!” by The Weakerthans