The Devils’ Most Famous Fan Is A Horrible Liar

by J.R.

Elaine Benes’ boyfriend David Puddy is the most famous Devils’ fan in the world:


From “The Face Painter“:

Elaine: So how long have you been a Devils’ fan?

Puddy (off camera): Since I was a kid, I’m from Jersey.

This episode aired in 1995. The Devils moved to New Jersey in 1982. In 1995, actor Patrick Warburton, who portrayed Puddy, was 31. In 1982, he was 20. Hardly “a kid.”

It’s possible, one supposes, that Puddy had been following the Devils in their pre-Jersey days, first in Kansas City, where the team began in 1974 or in Colorado, where the team moved in 1976.

Assuming this arguendo, it’s certainly not totalyl absurd that Puddy has been a fan of the franchise “since [he] was a kid.” But Elaine asks Puddy how long he’s been a Devils’ fan and Puddy just answered it straight. If he had been a Scouts or Rockies fan as a child and then the team, serendipitously, moved to his home state, one would think he’d relay that amazing story to his girlfriend.

Now, Joe Yerdon has another theory:

The problem with that is that such a statement would reveal a level of self-awareness that Puddy never ever demonstrated outside of this one sentence.

Nope, Ockham’s razor means we have to look for the simplest answer and the simplest answer is that David Puddy is a liar, as one would expect of a fan of a team in the Stupid, Ugly, Dumb Metro.

The Devils and their deceitful, prevaricating fans host the Predators tonight.