Great Game Previews In History: 15 November 2013

by J.R.

Today In History

Articles-of-Confederation stampThe Second Continental Congress approves the Articles of Confederation and submits it to the states for ratification on November 15, 1777.

The full title of what was the United States’ first constitution was “Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union.” Time and time again in history, the word “perpetual” and its synonyms get would-be statesmen into trouble. The government formed under the Articles lasted less a dozen years or so and there was a little problem with holding everybody together in the 1860s (though maybe if the U.S. had stuck with the Articles of Confederation, the Civil War would have been avoided; it’s almost certainly not true, but there’s no way of knowing one way or the other).

The Articles created a congress with each state having one vote, the delegates to which were appointed by state legislatures. It was a weak central government — in fact, the Articles didn’t explicitly create a nation, but instead “a firm league of friendship.” The best part of the whole thing, really, is the promise to let Canada join up if they wanted. There was no executive or judicial branch. Congress couldn’t tax or regulate commerce and there was no common currency. So hard to believe this didn’t work out.

Anyway, the center could not hold, because the center was made of straw and by the late 1780s, it was apparent some changes needed to be made.

Predators at Penguins, 6 PM

Records: Predators (8-8-2, 18 points, 7th in Conference III); Penguins (11-7-0, 22 points, 1st in Stupid, Ugly, Dumb Metro)

Last Time They Met: It was Alex Radulov’s return and the Pens won 5-1 in Pittsburgh March 22, 2012 (guess who had the only goal for the Preds?).

Last 10: Nashville 4-5-1; Pittsburgh 4-6-0

Historical Context: Though the Articles were as stupid and ugly and dumb as the Metro, it’s not to say the government formed thereby didn’t do anything good. The Congress of the Confederation passed the Northwest Ordinance, organizing the territory that now makes up the Great Lakes states. Basically, the Northwest Ordinance is to the Articles as Pittsburgh is to the Metro: the only decent thing in a mess of garbage and also very important in Ohio, which, as a reminder, is not part of Conference III.

Panthers at Wild, 7 PM

Records: Panthers (4-11-4, 12 points, 7th in Flortheast); Wild (11-4-4, 26 points, 4th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: Tim Thomas made 30 saves and the Panthers beat the Wild 2-1 in a shootout Oct. 19 in Sunrise.

Last 10: Florida 1-5-4; Minnesota 8-1-1

Historical Context: Tim Thomas would have loved the Articles of Confederation, what with its lack of any sort of power at all.

Flyers at Jets, 6 PM

Records: Flyers (7-10-1, 15 points, 7th in Stupid, Ugly, Dumb Metro); Jets (9-9-2, 20 points, 6th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: April 6, the Jets beat the Flyers 4-1 to kick-off a 6-0-1 run near the end of the season. They still missed the playoffs.

Last 10: Philadelphia 6-3-1; Winnipeg 5-4-1

Historical Context: Part of the reason the Confederation couldn’t do anything was because the federal government, such as it was, couldn’t spend any money, because there wasn’t any. This is bad for a central government. This might, in fact, be a good strategy for Paul Holmgren.