III Communication Needs You!

by J.R.

uncle-sam+coonAfter Tuesday night, one quarter of the 2013-14 Conference III season will be complete (do not say “rounding the quarter pole” or Jim Diamond will yell at you).

Sometime Wednesday, we’ll post III Communication’s first quarter review, the Quarter Life Crisis.

If you’d all be so kind, before Wednesday, in the comments or by email to conferencethree[at]gmail[dot]com please send:

  • Nominations for best Conference III performers of the first quarter
  • Your most surprising players and teams (good and bad)
  • Nominations for the Brilliancy Prize, to be awarded to the most aesthetically-pleasing and entertaining Conference III game of the first quarter
  • Questions on any subject and comments and expressions of concern about your hockey team  and/or your personal well-being or mine.