Great Game Previews In History: Happy Turpucken!

by J.R.

Only one game on the schedule today, American (or “Real”) Thanksgiving, as the Predators try to start a tradition of Turkey Night hockey in Nashville, as the team indicated at the annual Skate of the Union address earlier this year.

In the south, Thanksgiving and hockey go together like sweet potato casserole and Skittles, and folks might need to some training to plan their Thanksgiving feast at a dinner hour instead of a supper one so they can get to the arena on time. So we’ll see what the crowd’s like.

Anyway, the Preds come in on the back-end of an up-and-back back-to-back, having shutout Columbus last night. It’ll be interesting to see if Marek Mazanec gets the call two days in a row with another game on the way Saturday. Nashville’s won five of six and is currently fifth in Conference III. Edmonton comes to town with the Western Conference’s worst record, so one assumes they’d be leading the SUDM.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving; we’ll get back to regularly scheduled programming soon enough.