Threero Of The Week: The Antoine Equation

by J.R.

The Dallas Stars French forward Antoine Roussel has been on our radar for awhile.

In fact, he was featured on the first post ever on III Communication:


The level of gumption it takes to challenge Shea Weber when such fistic flyweights like Bobby Butler are on the ice belies either an incredible amount of courage or an astounding level of idiocy. But, as we all know by now, Conference III lives on the line between courage and idiocy.

Original Threero Rich Clune knows about Monsieur Roussel too. In a now-deleted tweet from June he said:

Big news. Vern Fiddler and Antoine Roussel of @DallasStars will decline a visor and opt to wear a full cage next season #SOFT#uwishuhadme

Ice cold, Dicky.

But, really, the first time we noticed Roussel was when he scored the game-winning goal for France — not exactly a bright star in the constellation of world hockey — against Russia in the World Championships, a game dubbed “Miracle Sur Glace by Friend of the III Harrison Mooney on Puck Daddy:


But last night, Antoine Roussel made waves in Chicago, cementing his place as a true Threero and going a long way to moving Chicago-Dallas up the Conference III Heat Index.

It all started when he and Andrew Shaw engaged in a barn-burner of a tussle (a Toussel?) that involved both linesmen and ended up with everyone sprawled on the ice:


And then, in a move reminiscent of his old pal Dicky, Roussel nailed a penalty shot and gave the Hawks rowdies a what-for:


And as Brad Gardner writes at Defending Big D, he also upset the NBCSN tea cart:

And Roussel, being a Steve Ott starter-kit, don’t doubt it, decided to, like The Grinch, put a hand to his ear…

And he did hear a sound rising over the snow.

It started in low. Then it started to grow…

It was a bunch of boozed up people in Chicago who couldn’t figure out why their best-team-in-the-league was getting trolled by Antoine Roussel. And who could blame them? The Hawks dominated this one.

By the way, remember to send flowers to everyone at NBC Sports. Evidence would suggest that someone hit every one of their dogs with some large number of cars this evening as the outcome of this one became clear.

BanNJa9CcAAwGfjAntoine Roussel exemplifies the values of Conference III. He showed us with his willingness to engage Shea Weber in a battle of fists with wanton disregard for his own safety, with his never-say-die ‘tude resulting a goal against the Evil Empire at the international level, with his lusty desire to continue throwing haymakers despite being restrained by the man in the stripes and as shown — perhaps most perfectly and most beautifully — with his boisterous trolling of the home fans as his team battled the best team in Conference III.

Antoine Roussel is a Threero and a Troisros.