Great Game Previews In History: 11 December 2013

by J.R.

Today In History

377px-Llywelyn_the_Last_at_Cardiff_City_HallLlywelyn The Last, the, uh, last native-born Prince of Wales, is killed at the Battle of Orewin Bridge on December 11, 1282.

Wales was doing its damnedest to resist subjugation by the English, mainly in the form of Edward I — Edward Longshanks, Hammer of the Scots (what great nicknames; these days he’d be “Edso” or something).

There are various versions of how his death went down, but the tale with the most veracity is that he marched at the front of his army to the forces of Edmund and Roger Mortimer, Hugo Le Strange and Gruffudd ap Gwenwynwyn, who were to give him homage. Instead he was ambushed, separated from his army and chased into the woods, where he was surrounded, struck down, killed and his hand was cut from his body. In other words, the English are Shawn Thornton.

Though the Welsh fought on briefly, the House of Gwynedd would be eradicated and Wales brought under the English crown.

Flyers at Blackhawks, 7 PM

Records: Flyers (13-14-3, 29 points, 6th in SUDM); Blackhawks (22-6-5, 49 points, 1st in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: The way NBCSN sells it, it was the 2010 Stanley Cup Final, but no, it was January 5, 2012, a 5-4 Flyers win in Philadelphia.

Last 10: Philadelphia 5-4-1; Chicago 7-2-1

Historical Context: The rivalry between Edward and Llywelyn was a true one. Edward was obsessed with Wales and employed several Welsh nobles in an effort to knock out Llywelyn (including the Prince’s own brother). Initially, their mutual resentment was abated with the Treaty of Aberconwy that confined Llywelyn to the northern part of the country and required great many concessions, including paying homage to Edward (which the Welsh Prince repeatedly refused to do). This was no made-for-Wednesday dalliance.

Wild at Ducks, 9:30 PM

Records: Wild (18-9-5, 41 points, 3rd in Conference III); Ducks (21-7-5, 47 points, 1st in Pacific)

Last Time They Met: Matthieu Perreault scored with four seconds left in overtime to give the Ducks a 4-3 win in St. Paul October 5.

Last 10: Minnesota 5-4-1; Anaheim 6-1-3

Historical Context: Before the final conquest of Wales, the Archbishop of Canterbury tried to negotiate a settlement, in which Llywelyn would be given a large estate in England in exchange for Wales. He refused, saying he could not abandon the people his ancestors had protected since “the days of Kamber, son of Brutus.” And that’s a long time, roughly equivalent to what Ryan Suter plays nightly.